Ping Rebooter

Ping Rebooter is a simple but useful application, basically it pings a website at some time interval if the website does not return, it uses wget to execute your cable/dsl modem’s reset string. The default reset string is: This works for my linksys cable modem and has been tested on a few others. I find this useful

  1. if your modem stops working due to power outage
  2. if your modem gets disconnected due to torrent use, file sharing, etc.

This is simply a open source linux remake of the windows version I released to a few friends 2 years ago. Since then i’ve decided to completely get rid of all MS software, so it was time for a ground up re-write. This version has not yet been tested on many systems, but it’s fairly simple code so not much to worry about. Download it Here, it should work on posix type systems (linux,unix,macos) and cygwin, it requires wget and ping to be installed.