Calorie Counter for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS


So having lost 30lbs since I wrote the python calorie counter, I’m a big proponent of counting calories. It WORKS. Not only that it’s easy, and it appeals to the chewy mathematics center of my brain. All is well and good, and I’ve got a nice phone that supports python scripts so I’m set. There are some instances though, where a phone is just too much bulk to carry around and I really just need something smaller.

As luck would have it, I came across a game boy micro.Game Boy Micro This little devil is TINY, and fits right in a shirt pocket no troubles. Plus you can get one for 30$ used at gamestop, bonus! However there was one tiny snag, there’s no python interpreter for GBA!

So I wrote a version of the calorie counter application for the game boy advance. It uses the savegame sram to store your current calories and calorie goal. It’ll work in any gba emulator, flash cart, or the nintendo ds gba slot. Even better, most flash carts allow you to use it for your startup game so the time to start is around 2-4 seconds. Very reasonable! Anyway, it’s pretty simple stuff and gplv3 so feel free to give it a try or even modify it. Note, you’ll need the excellent HAM gba library to recompile.

You can download it here: GBA Calorie Counter

Gba Calorie Counter - In Action