Hackaway 2009 - The great hack giveaway has begun!

I have a very ominous looking stack of upcoming hacking projects. I also have a very lonely looking stack of already hacked projects, extra consoles, spare parts etc. To clear up space for the new hacks, I’m giving away 9 previous hacks. Read on for how to enter.

hackaway giveaway items 2009

Here’s the deal: email the number of the item(s) you’d want (subject line hackaway 2009), and within a week(a day or two!! tons of response!) (It’s over!! See next post) I’ll randomly choose winners, notify them and get their addresses, then ship them out their gear, one per person. I pay for all shipping and handling, no restrictions about geographic location as long as I can ship to there from the US. All items are working, and do not require additional $ or hardware to start messing with.

Some items are already hacked up in some fashion, some are stock firmware and ready to hack yourself. I’ll post up when I’ve selected the winners. I am hoping this will help foster some hack projects out there in the wild. Ideas for cool hacks are welcome in the comments section. The items to be given away are:

  1. Zipit Z2 console with hand-crank dynamo charge assembly
  2. Fujitsu Point 1600 tablet pc w/floppy and serial (touch serial-terminal)
  3. Slim PlayStation 2 “robot” (built-in lcd, eyetoy, ps2) based on old video phone hack
  4. HP Jornada 540 (has been playing arkanoid nes vs itself for about a year solid)
  5. GirlTech IM-ME wireless instant message console
  6. Trivial Pursuit Digital edition console
  7. Digital Microscope (claims 200x…..)
  8. 20q large edition neural net game
  9. usb woot-off lights & usb floppy drive & usb speakers & usb fan

Good Luck!