IM-ME Linux Drivers Beta Release and Sourceforge Page

Tagged: hacking-im-me-driver-linux-c-protocol-reverse-engineering

To follow up on my earlier articles, the IM-ME has been gaining some traction in the hacking community. There’s been a couple of driver releases in various forms, as well as a lot of information and protocol specs. Scott Albertine sent me a great gpl implementation in C, so we’ve made a sourceforge page for everyone to download the driver.

The SF page is at . There’s the initial C driver, some protocol information from Scott, as well as a SVN repository to push any code changes to. If any of the other IM-ME driver implementations also want to host their drivers/source code there, it would make for a good launch pad for IM-ME hackers. Let me know if you need file or SVN access and I can help set it up. Hope to see you there, happy hacking! IM-ME console