75$, 20 watt blue ray player (with video and kill-a-watt goodness)

Yeah, more technically it’s a 20-watt x264 player. But it’s an 800mhz CELERON (all caps!) pumping 1080p into a broadcom decoder. More info after the jump


I bought an 50$ 2g surf on ebay that was missing a screen. There’s not that many ways you can upgrade this machine, it’s only got 256 megs of ram soldered onto the board, and the system bus is extra slow. But the wifi chipset is mini-pci, so I replaced the wifi with a bcm decoder 70012 chip. I also picked that up from ebay hong kong (20$), and installed xbmc on xp-nlite to fit on the 2 gigabyte ssd also soldered onto the board. The 800mhz celeron and slow system bus don’t seem to want to play most 1080p vids, without stuttering, but most 720p runs fine. So I can rip my blue-ray to standard x264, throw it on a thumb drive and play it anywhere that’s got a vga connector. And it only uses 20 watts. And it’s throwing up 720p and completely powering those speakers and the os and the ssd and usb stick it’s reading from. 15 watts while booting. You could probably do that with a hand dynamo. Which I’ll probably try to set up with a usb powered pico projector in the near future. That’ll be the next vid perhaps? 🙂 Gotta love ebay./