Leapfrog Crammer - 10$ ogg vorbis/mp3 etc with disassembly

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Reccomended to me on the comments of a previous thread, I picked up the leapfrog crammer for 10$ at big lots. I’ve seen these all over the discount stores (along with didj’s, which I have one of Claude’s cartridges for and will be porting software sometime soon). For 10$ ogg vorbis support and a touch screen (kind of ..) is a heck of a deal. More info after the jump.

crammer guts

The animation on the games is pretty good, better than I was expecting. The “touch screen” is actually just a 4-way rocker. Pretty fun way to control games, but obscures the screen for no good reason. It takes 3x aaa batteries, no word yet on battery life as they’re still holding a good charge. You can pop off the battery case with a small screwdriver or coin. After which you can pop off the front blue bezel, which exposes 4 small screws holding in the mobo. You pop this out just like an eee mobo (one pin, careful with the ports). Looks like it’s running a samsung-831 firmware, K9G8G08UOB pcbo nand. No transistors between the battery compartment and the mobo, taking straight 4.5v. Plays mp3, wav, and ogg. Another potential rockbox target?