Hackaway 2010 Winners Announced!

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Thanks again everyone for participating this go round. Using my trusty d-10’s, I rolled 6 dice per prize and took the resulting number modulo the number of contest entries. As you can only win 1 prize, I felt it would be unfair to do them in numeric order of hacks, so I randomized the mapping of dice rolls to hacks. I hope this provides some fairness to the distribution of prizes. The winners will be receiving an email request for their addresses officially very shortly…. but they are ….
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*Update – Packages are shipping out now!
hackaway packages

Sneaky blog tricks! Hailing from around the globe, the winners are:

  1. Tom Mcleod – Didj Hacking Bundle
  2. Nonya Biz – EEE 701 2g surf (bottom half)
  3. Aaron Cronk – Famicom Bundle
  4. Kea Oliver – Fan Bundle
  5. Mike Metzger- Genesis on a chip
  6. Geordy Rostad – Infrared Bundle
  7. Bob Crichton – Java Bundle
  8. Kraig Hoekstra – Laptop Parts Bundle
  9. Torin Macbeth – Minidisk Bundle
  10. Paul Curtis – netgear zyxel
  11. Kevin Thompson -Palm GPS Bundle
  12. Yohanes Nugroho – Peek Messaging Device
  13. Thomas, der – USB Wireless bundle
  14. Bear Naff – Sound Bundle
  15. Jon Hawkins – Wifi Bundle
  16. Force Multiplier – X10 Home Automation Bundle

Thanks again everyone for making Hackaway 2010 a Tremendous Success!