Using the ARM Based PogoPlug as an X86-64 Compilation Cluster - An Article Series

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Are you looking for something new and interesting to run on your Pogoplug after reading that last article on emulators? Ever considered using it to compile software that runs natively on your X86-64 machine? Did you even know this was a possibility?

On our corporate blog over at Discursive Labs, I’ve posted up the first in a new article series about creating an ARM based X86-64 cross-compiling cluster. For the first in the article series, we run you through the basic configuration, compilation, and toolchain creation for ARM to X86-64 compilation. In future articles we’ll discuss issues involved in library cross-compilation, sorting through “dependency hell”, adding new compilation nodes, and the benefits of using a low-power compilation cluster in your build and CIS processes. We’ll walk you through a full cross-compile of one of our beta software products, and all of its prerequisite libraries in detail.

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