Distributed Java, Fortran, and ARM to X86 Cross Compilation

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A very cool and strange thing (for me at least) has happened. Having spent a great deal of time digging through my Google analytic reports, I can say with certainty that my personal site traffic is on the rise. What’s most interesting to me is that a good portion of that new readership linked into my site from my corporate blog. Even more interesting, our corporate blog over at has far eclipsed the readership of my personal blog here at As such, I thought I’d share the link to my newest article.

In the fifth article in our ongoing series on low power compilation clusters, things are really starting to get interesting. I run you through a distributed Java, Fortran, and ARM->X86-64 compilation using an updated set of scripts we created in our previous articles, as well as post an update on the real-world Pogoplug compilation cluster (hint: twice as fast).