Build Your Own Distributed Cluster Now Available to Purchase Online

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My second eBook, Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster – A Practical Walkthrough is now available for purchase online. This 60+ page tutorial walks one through the creation of a fully distributed compilation system. With practical advice and heaps of source and script examples, you can pick up this helpful eBook at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles sites and be using your own custom distributed compilation system within hours. I’ll be updating the permalink page (top-right on my WordPress theme) with shopping links once the shopping pages go live. While I remain hard at work at Discursive Labs and on a number of other projects, my next eBook project will most likely be a large collection of my hacks and this eBook should keep your e-reader in use till then.

[![]( "Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster")]( is the cover image for my second eBook, Build Your Own Compilation Cluster