Live For Free Now Available To Purchase Online

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As some of you have pointed out to me, the links to the free review copy of my eBook “Life For Free – The Chronicles of a Nerd Saving For A Startup” have gone down. Due to an increase in demand I’m putting Live For Free back into print and it’ll be available online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles stores initially, with more stores to follow if things go well. If any of you have purchased it, please do leave an honest review and rating. It’s invaluable for me to know how my books are being accepted as well as for others to know what they are getting into. I’ll update the LFF permalink (top-right corner in my WordPress theme) to contain purchase links to various bookstores as it comes up. I’ve decided to price it at 99c, hoping that it’ll be an easy impulse purchase from your Kindle or Nook.

While I remain hard at work at Discursive Labs during my 9-5 (ok maybe closer to 7-7), I have also been working on a follow-up book to LFF in my spare time. It’s a bit of a departure, dealing with the consequences of financial independence and a post-exit mindset. I’m thinking of calling it “The Post-Exit Primer, How to Live Like You’re The CEO Today”. Kind of a wordy title, and like LFF it’ll probably change a few times. Also, I’ve been thinking about collecting some of my technical writing and putting that into its own eBook. Let me know your feelings on that, and thanks for your continued support.

Update – Barnes and Nobles product page has gone live already

[!["Live For Free cover"]( "Live For Free - Front Cover")]( is the title page and cover for my eBook Live For Free