Pixel Qi Netbook With 14 hr Battery Life On Sale Today (on my eBay page)

In case any of you have been meaning to pick up a Pixel Qi display and install it into the best possible netbook out there, allow me to save you the trouble. Now that I’ve got a top-secret e-Ink project in the works, I’m letting go of my Samsung N210 netbook that’s got a Pixel Qi screen installed (the one featured in my third book Hacks..). It’s fully loaded, stacked, and just like you’d get straight from the factory…except that there’s a frikkin Pixel Qi screen installed! It’s the only one I’ve ever seen for sale on eBay, ever. Spread the word if you know any cutting edge gadget loving folks that don’t fancy cracking open a screen bezel.

Here’s the link to the auction, it’ll be running till March 24th. Good luck!

If anyone here ends up being the winning bidder, do let me know if you’d like me to sign your case 🙂