Easy Inventory

Easy Inventory is the first in a line of free Android apps I’ll be releasing.

Easy Inventory is

  1. Free
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Visually Driven

Update 4/2012 This is now also hosted on GitHub. Check it out at my GitHub page.

UPDATE — Easy Inventory is open source now! Check it out and all the source code on SourceForge at

UPDATE — Easy Inventory has a “bulk sale” option now!

Using Easy Inventory is simple.

1. Select a Photo [![]( "screencapturemainscreen")]( 1. Enter Item Details [![]( "screencaptureinventory")]( 1. That’s it! Now just Buy or Sell items and keep track of the profit and sales record. 2. Easy!

You can download Easy Inventory from the app store here