Android Apps - Easy Inventory

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As some of you probably know, I’ve done quite a bit of mobile and embedded development. I like the fast turnaround and on-the-go nature of embedded systems, and that’s where my interests have been wandering to lately. I think that the ease of entry for publishing Android apps is a terrific thing, and I feel quite a bit better not supporting the great red fruit in Cupertino. While I plan to release a great deal of research projects as stripped-down android apps, my first one is a simple inventory tracker app. My good friend spends his off time as a snake breeder and needed a fast way to keep track of inventory. As snakes are bred for their heterozygous traits, it made sense to base the activity on a visual selection process. It should also be useful for garage sales, swap meets, lemonade stands, bingo tournaments, or even as a handy accessory to keep track of your in-game inventory for games like dope wars and space trader.

You can check out the permalink page I made for Easy Inventory here. You can download it from the android app store here.