Skillful Lines

Skillful lines is a completely free, thoughtful, and challenging puzzle game for the Android platform. Like all good puzzle games, Skillful Lines is easy to understand but hard to master. Optimized for both phones and tablets, Skillful Lines is a game of strategic placement.

Starting with 5 randomly generated dots on the board, simply touch anywhere on the game board to place another dot. Any dot that can be connected to your just-placed dot with an unbroken straight line will be connected with a colored line. The overall score is determined by the size and number of lines drawn.

While the first few dots may be quite simple, it is not long before you are faced with challenging strategic decisions as to where to place new dots. You can finish a game at any time, and your high score will be saved to your high score list.

You can download Skillful Lines from the Android Market here.

Update 4/2012 This is now open source and hosted on GitHub. Check it out at my GitHub page.