Custom Action Tap

Custom Action Tap is a fast and free Android game that breathes new life into the “balloon tapping” genre. Enemies float towards the top of the screen, and it’s your goal to tap them gone! With customizable enemy models, elemental and explosive power ups, and an ever increasing difficulty level you’ll find yourself tapping again and again.

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Power Ups Include:

  • Lightning – Strike down your enemies with a lightning strike!
  • Fire – Burn up your enemies with contagious fire!
  • Ice – Freeze your enemies in place!
  • Wind – Blow your enemies back to the bottom of the screen!
  • Bomb – Explode any enemies near the bomb!
  • Hammer- Wield the mighty hammer to hold down on screen and swipe through your enemies!
  • Enemy + – Add another enemy to the field!

You can download it from the Android Market here.

Update 4/2012 This is now open source and hosted on GitHub. Check it out at my GitHub page.