Splitting It Down The Middle - Book Prices at 4.99 Starting Midnight August 2nd

So after my decision to up my book prices to 9.99, sales dropped by more than 70 percent. While monetarily this made sense, (I am still making more $$ because of the increased royalty), emotionally it doesn’t sit well with me. That’s potentially hundreds of people that would have bought my books that now will never read them. As my sales numbers for the Smashwords sale were pretty decent, I’m going to split the difference and start selling the books at 4.99. Anyone who bought one at 9.99 will receive an automatic credit to their account through whatever store they purchased from. This shouldn’t cost me more than a few hundred bucks in returns, and I am hoping the lower price helps drive the sales back up nearer to the .99c levels. As usual students who can’t pay can get a free copy by emailing me.

ALSO — There are some limited run hardback print editions of Live For Free hitting a few select stores and corner shops near you. If you’re interested, or if they sell enough, I can make them available for purchase online without too much trouble. Just let me know!

PLUS — Live For Free should be hitting the Apple eBook store sometime this week! Ipad/idevice owners keep an eye out for it in the new content section.