Easy Inventory - Now Open Source on Sourceforge!

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Yep that’s right. I’ve had a few requests to open source Easy Inventory (the first Android app I ever wrote) since I released it back at the beginning of June. As I’ve been insanely busy at my new job (converting iPad apps to Android apps), I’ve not had much time for feature improvements or bug fixes. Seeing how Easy Inventory is currently making me about 3 bucks a month in Adsense revenue, I see no financial harm in converting it to an open source project. It also jives rather well with my socialist tendencies. Plus it’s been a while since I threw a project up on SourceForge, and I’d like to see what folks can come up with.

You can download or checkout the source for the project from

If you’d like source code write access to the project (please do contribute 🙂 ), just request it and it shall be granted by a project administrator (currently only me but hopefully more in the future)