Registrar and Hosting Switch From GoDaddy Plus Shameless Plug For Dropbox Storage

So if you haven’t been following the geek news lately, I’ll sum it up for you. GoDaddy is a big jerk company that supports SOPA, helped to draft SOPA, and is exempt from SOPA. SOPA is the worst thing to ever happen to the internet, including It would restrict our freedom of speech and allow pretty much anyone to take down a domain at the drop of a hat (complaint hat). So I encourage everyone to get off of GoDaddy, boycott GoDaddy, and boycott any company that supports SOPA. Oh and apparently the CEO hunts elephants, which I am also against. I found this out while searching for a good anti-GoDaddy image to post up (thanks Boycott GoDaddy Facebook Group!).

It’s also therefore unfortunate that GoDaddy has been hosting my site and registering my domains for many years now. I’ve been pretty happy with their service, but only really because they are so cheap. SO, it’s time for me to switch hosts and registrars. I’m on the fence between Bluehost, Dreamhost, or some combination of EC2 instances and namecheap registrar. This will be happening sometime this week.

One of the reasons I stuck with Godaddy was their ‘infinite storage’ plan, which allowed me unlimited transfers of large files for site traffic (those Z2 images, dockstar hacks, etc). I’m going to try and start hosting up storage on Dropbox, which has good uptime and some interesting features. Unfortunately, the free plan is a bit lacking in storage space (2gb, really?, my GMAIL has 8…). However, every time someone signs up for DropBox with me as a referral we both get an extra 250megs of space. This really adds up after 10 or 20 referrals, so if you want to help support my hacking releases do consider signing up for a free DropBox account with my referral code here. (