QuickGrapher - An Open Source HTML 5 Multi Equation Solver And Grapher was one of the research projects spun out of Discursive Labs.   One of the most promising projects we worked on, it always felt like a project without an intended audience, and it never really lifted off.  I’m quite proud of the work that Mark and I did, and think it’s a tremendously cool project.

You can use it to embed graphs of any equation within a webpage as easily as a single tag.  You can use it to solve complex equations, functions, etc.  It runs completely in client side Javascript and doesn’t require a web connection. it runs on mobile and desktop platforms.  It can display hundreds of thousands of data points and adjust them in real-time.  And now it’s open source, BSD licensed, and ready for you to use to escape the tyrannical grasp of Wolfram Alpha.

You can see an outdated version of it in action here.

Download, exploit, and contribute to the source at the github project here.

Find out how to embed QuickGrapher on your site here.


Check out the drake equation in QuickGrapher here.

Here’s the old FAQ:

Q: What is QuickGrapher? A: QuickGrapher is an equation parser and solver which supports graphing functions that your old calculator never could. You can use it to easily graph equations, balance your budget, make embeddable graphs for your website, blog post, or social networking site, and so much more.Q: How do I start using QuickGrapher? A: QuickGrapher comes with a number of built-in example equations to get you started. Simply click on one of the example equations to begin editing it or enter your own equation into the equation box and click “Graph!”. There are also helpful video walkthroughs below.Q: Are my equations private? A: Yes. Unlike Wolfram Alpha, Google, or most other web-based equation utilities, our custom analytical math and graphing libraries run completely in the browser. Your equations are never sent to a server and do not require an internet connection or installed software. We allow you to update graphs in real-time without using your precious internet bandwidth.Q: What browsers support QuickGrapher? A: Any browser which supports HTML5 is sufficient to run QuickGrapher. No flash or third party plugins are required. The newest versions of Chrome, Opera, and Safari have built-in support for HTML5, as do the newest beta versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Q: Do I need any installed software or plugins to run QuickGrapher? A: No, QuickGrapher is built from the ground up to run directly in the browser. No installed software or third party plugins are necessary. You do not need Flash, Shockwave, or any other plugin. Quickgrapher is a pure Javascript and HTML5 application, technologies which are built into modern browsers.