Quick Pro-Tip, Add a Tablet Holder to Your Laptop Table

So you’re sitting around your living room, using your laptop. It’s chugging along happily, glowing brightly, and you’re enjoying a rousing game of ‘team solitaire’ (Valve’s newest online sensation). But wait! Your teammates are taking a reaaaaly long time to queue up for the next game, and you’re wanting to kill some time with ‘very pissed off avians…. under water!’ (the newest iteration of the mobile time sink that’s been sweeping the interwebs). You pull out your tablet, fire up the game, and start flinging feathered friends forward. You look up, and woah! The game has already started! You scramble for a safe place to put your tablet, spilling your drink all over your cable modem and rendering it slower than a 56k dial-up modem. Sadly, being in the US that’s only a 10% speed decrease. If only you had a tablet stand built into your laptop table, this minor annoyance could have been avoided!

So do what I did, take an old licence plate and bend it into the letter 6. Loop this around the support leg of your stand, cut out a chunk for the power cord, and you’ve got a timely tablet stand to stand the test of table time.

[![]( "Tablet stand in action")](
[![]( "Tablet stand before action")]([![]( "Under the tablet stand")](