10 Minute Hacks: Asus Transformer-Cade

I’d been given an iCade as a gift for Christmas, but never really got around to using it. Mostly because I sold my iPad in frustration and traded it in for another Android tablet. Being a bluetooth controller, it’ll work great with my android tablet (currently a first gen Asus Transformer [TF101]). Unfortunately, it comes with a built-in plastic mounting bracket, and it’s not landscape orientation friendly. I decided to spend a few minutes with my toolbox, and see what quick changes I could make to the device.

First, I took a small chain I had in my toolbox and wrapped up one end with electrical tape, making a ‘U’ shaped hook from the metal tab on the chain.

Next, I hammered a nail into the back of the iCade, so that I could run the chain through the charging hole out to the nail and keep the tablet firmly planted while gaming in landscape orientation.

Then, I ran the chain out through the mounting bracket and adjusted the length to keep the tablet secure.

I was finally ready to play some games in landscape mode.

Finally, I removed the plastic mounting bracket, and used some electrical tape to raise the height of the top hinge so it wouldn’t hit my transformer’s power button. Now I was good to go for vertical orientation.

Ten minutes, no muss, no fuss, and best of all no iPad!