Dreamcast Printer as a Coffee Table: WIP

A couple of weeks ago I threw a Dreamcast and an LCD monitor into a Printer/Scanner shell. It turned out great, but was just the beginning. I was playing some Marvel Vs Capcom on it, and I realized that with a bit of modification it could make for a great coffee table. The first part of that modification is completed, and the lower top-plate has been attached to the unit. It’s pretty much finished, functionally speaking, but there’s still much to do in the visual department. I still need to decorate the case, add a front-plate for the DC controller ports, decorate the upper portion of the top-plate and secure it the the plate that’s currently on there, and a few other visual niceties (like a volume control rocker). In the meantime, here’s a preview of how it’s going so far.

[![]( "IMAG0118")]([![]( "IMAG0124")]([![]( "IMAG0126")](