Project Updates: ASLJS on GitHub Pages, QuickGrapher is Back!, QuickGrapher Graphs Anywhere On (Even Comments!)

I’ve been working on a skeletal animation/game programming article for a little while now, and it has prompted me to update some of my other projects. The first update is that ‘Quick Grapher’ functionality is now embedded into my WordPress theme. I’ve posted up the original ‘Quick Grapher Embedded’ tutorial page here.

This means that you can embed XKCD style equations easily now too!

I’ve also updated the QuickGrapher GitHub repository with an index.html that references the non-obfuscated version of the source. You can now fully use QuickGrapher straight from with working examples!

Bonus* – This means you can embed QuickGrapher graphs directly in comments!

Also, a quick update for those following my JavaScript work on GitHub. I’ve moved ASLJS over to GitHub pages. You can now view a working demo of it directly from Github, here.