You are Buying This for Life!

The economic potential of amateur pc computer resale has changed, almost completely disappearing since I wrote “Live For Free” (LFF), and is declining for apple computers steadily.  This makes a direct sequel to LFF unlikely, as it would need to be about computer and electronics repair.  I’ve had my current development laptop for about 2 years now, with no reason to think I won’t be using it in another 2, or 4, or maybe even 10 years.  In the 2000’s and during the course of writing LFF, I probably went through 30 laptops, ever running to beat the elusive pricing curve.  Now that I’ve beat it, what’s next?

Perhaps my next book will be about just that.  In the mean time, I’ll be posting up shorter and more timelier articles in an attempt to kick-start things and get back to some weird, hacked-together stuff.