OPY: When is a Doughnut not a Doughnut?

Q: When is a doughnut not a doughnut?
A: When it costs 50$.

The Other 50$ Donuts

Seriously though, my significant other and I enjoy the occasional trip to Baskin Robbins and/or Dunkin Donuts. Last night was one such an occasion. While the ice cream was quite reasonably priced at 6$ for two, the stock is currently hovering at around 7 times that. That’s quite a tax for ice cream (and donuts). Still, the stock has a steady 25% gain over 5 years and I do love me some ice cream.

  1. DNKN – $41.05

If you’re in the mood for an interesting corporate history, check out the corporate ownership history for Baskin Robbins on Wikipedia. Apparently investment groups love them some donuts and ice cream as well.

Also, it turns out that doughnut jewelry is a popular category of food-related jewelry.