Goodbye Paypal, Goodbye Ebay

I considered titling this post many things.

  • Ebay: 15 years of asshole buyers
  • Paypal: Your game is up and it’s about damn time
  • I’ll never get screwed by Paypal again!
  • I’ll never get screwed by Ebay again!

In the end, I went with the above. If you’ve read Live For Free you know how badly eBay and Paypal can (and often do) screw people over, myself included. So when I saw this announcement today by Google, I knew what it meant to me personally. I’m done with Paypal, forever. Consequently, I’m done with eBay, forever. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the economics of the secondhand electronics market have changed drastically since I wrote LFF. Quitting eBay 5, or 10, or even 15 years ago would mean a loss of income. That’s no longer the case. So much time and effort (and fees, so many fees) are wasted on eBay due to fake buyers, buyers who don’t pay, foreign buyers who are allowed to bid on US only auctions, etc. Paypal only exacerbates the problem with its terrible customer support and awful service. eBay doesn’t even allow you to directly email anyone without going through a ‘guided help wizard’. Ridiculous.

I mean seriously, there’s a website purely to help people fight Paypal screwings. Gotta love their campaign though:


OPY: I dumped all my eBay stock.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Paypal, Goodbye Ebay

    • Hi Michael,

      Sounds like there’s an issue with Amazon. I re-uploaded the newest version of LFF, let me know if this resolves your issue. I’ve also emailed you a version of the book directly.


  1. Bravo Hunter !!!
    I too quit fleabay, but sadly still get forced to use pp now and again when that is all that can be used.

    Fleabay actually & openly supports rip-off artists while pretending to ‘protect’ buyers.

    Trouble is – when buyers get ripped off a few times and use that ‘protection’, fleabay then terminates it permanently for that account – knowing full well that the buyer will either put up & shut up, or quit using them.

    Apparently supporting robbers is very profitable ?!?

  2. Agreed eBay sucks!!!! Buyers do whatever the hell they please and eBay backs them up. I would rather sell goods in a back alley to gypsies then ever use eBay again.

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