OPY: Guilty Pleasures and Foreign Indexes

This past week has been an interesting one. I made it through the entire week without purchasing anything, then splurged on some fast food this weekend. I am definitely feeling some mental push-back against my spending habits.

“Why spend 50$ on a cup of coffee?”

has crossed my mind more than once. At the end of the day, a high enough price tag will deter me from making purchases. That in itself is fairly interesting.

The first ‘buy’ of the week is ‘Wendy’s Company’. They’ve skyrocketed to be the number 2 burger chain in the world, and I’m a sucker for a good Frosty. After a recent ‘midnight munchies’ episode that left me wanting a “real” Wendys burger, I headed off to my broker to purchase some Wendy’s stock. At 6$ it’s not a large buy, and I ended up picking up a few stocks to offset the trade cost.

  • Wendy’s Co – NASDAQ: WEN – 6.07

The second ‘buy’ of the week is the MSCI South Korea Capped Index Fund. This fund encompasses the entirety of the South Korean electronics manufacturers, and covers all the components of my (Samsung) cell phone. As I use my cell phone constantly, this buy positions me well to have all my daily activities covered by an OPY strategy, and gives me great device coverage in terms of electronics manufacturers.

  • MSCI South Korea Capped Index Fund – AMEX: EWY – 58.45

Current month to date purchase log: