Ooof! This is Why You Wear Gloves While Longboarding

Part of any pastime is accepting the risks associated with that activity. For long-boarding commuters like myself, the primary risk is falling face forward if your board gets caught on something. This can happen at any time, for any number of reasons. This means that if you’re not wearing your gloves (even on a short trip to the store), your hands are going to get effed up something fierce.

Read more to see photos of my hands after my short trip to the bank today. The moral of the story? Always wear your gear, even for the shortest of trips.

Meta #1: It’s hard to type naturally without my palms feeling.. “sticky” with blood. Gross
Meta #2: Remember when I said that I’ve given up posting to social media directly, you’re likely to see shorter, more frequent updates here on the site? This post would definitely fall under that category.