Saints Row 4: Crackdown 3 is Here Today

After a couple of evenings spent of playing Saints Row 4 it dawned on me. Saints Row 4 IS Crackdown 3.


You can save and respawn vehicles at any moment. You earn super powers (including my favorite super-jump.) You climb up buildings to find secret orbs, race around the city, destory enemies. Even your level up indicators are the same rounded level bars. It’s got the car flipping, the insanely fast chase activities, the same sense of fun and speed and mayhem. It is Crackdown 3, only better than Crackdown 3 ever would be. Saints Row 4 has got better gunplay, better storyline, and better weapons.


I’ve been holding onto my 360 because I couldn’t take the thought of losing my Crackdown games. No longer. Saints Row 4 so completely usurps the Crackdown series that you’ll likely never want to play them again, other than for nostalgia. Feel free to sell that 360. It’s over. Let the age of PC gaming begin anew.