AutoRoboIntercom Updated With Remote Command Protocol, Battery Monitor


AutoRoboIntercom has been updated to include the underpinnings of a remote command protocol, as well as the first example “Battery Monitor”.

Simply click on any of the clients in the client list, select ‘Battery Level’, and you’ll shortly hear a voice say to you “The Battery in “Room Name” is X Percent Full”.

Under the hood there’s a network call/response mechanism between the clients requesting battery info from each other and filtering out unnecessary messages. In this way it is much like the token-ring networks of days long past.

As usual it’s fully open source on GitHub. For those interested, there’s some very straightforward code involved and it starts us off on the path of automatically connected remote clients with a range of capabilities, my original design for AutoRoboIntercom.

You can download a pre-compiled apk here. This still doesn’t feel ready for the play store.