The Secret Building (Part 2 With Video!: Holy Crap There's Stuff In It!)

Check the video for how it went down.

Here’s how it went down if you can’t see the video. I invited some friends and family over, we moved some boxes, cut some more vines, and opened up the secret building!


The walls were starting to rot (turns out only the foundation is concrete), and there were many spiders. There were no windows. I’ll probably tear it down and build something new on the foundation this summer.

And what did we find inside:

  1. Old yard tools.
  2. A 203cc, american made roto-tiller. It’s HEAVY. I trucked it up to my garage to fix it up. It’s in pretty good shape, it almost starts! The gas stinks though, and I think it’s separated out. over the years.
    3.Old gas cans. One empty, one full. Gotta properly dispose of that.
  3. An old roof antenna.
  4. Spiders
  5. A gnome house lawn ornament
  6. Some old hoses

So ok, it’s not gold or silver, but it’s still a pretty sweet find, and a very satisfying conclusion to the adventure: The Secret Building. Outrageous!

Bonus stinger, we try to get it to start!