Simulating Solitaire

Like many of us, I’ve been spending the past 6 months living in a frightening emotional rollercoaster. Covid-19 has devastated so many lives, and the extent of the long-term increase in mental illness, depression, and negative feelings are still unknown. I, like many, have been dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Replacing LinkedIn

It’s been a few weeks since I extracted myself from instagram. Not nearly as difficult as it was removing myself from Facebook last year, though I hardly know why.

I remember how I used to feel about email. It was many years after my first email address that I got a gmail account. It was both ephemeral, and permanent. I never had to worry about storage, that little storage counter was always going up! I would email myself small attachments, keep archives in very nice hierarchies, and generally revel in my ‘unlimited’ email account.

A Photo Stream Simplified with GitPod

Ugh, is there anything worse than token management? Permissions, scopes, leaks, bleh. Avoiding the cycle of security patches and constant upkeep is a major reason I migrated this blog to gh-pages.

A Photo Stream With No Tracking

As readers of this blog may have surmised, I’m working to decentralize my online presence and own my own data. For the most part, that means replacing social networks and services with open-source alternatives I can host myself (or on GitHub.)

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