Johnny Dreamcastaway Released!

Johnny Castaway for the Dreamcast is now released! I like to call it Johnny Dreamcastaway, and it didn’t take me too long to port. It’s working splendidly! A glorious internal 640x480 screen resolution and a rock-solid 60 FPS carry you forward to your private island with “Johnny Dreamcastaway.” Read on for more info and downloads!

Johnny Castaway Native Live CD

Once again, I am reminded of how much the past influences our future, and the choices we make. In my case, it’s a twisty tale that starts simply enough, but ends with Johnny Castaway running natively from a ramdisk on systems with as little as 64mb. Interested? Read on. Want to download it for yourself right now? Skip to the end!

I bought and hacked the Atari Mini Pong Jr. So You Don't Have To!

This story starts, as most of my hardware hacking stories do: a stupid impulse purchase. In this case, it’s the Atari mini pong Jr. I’m pretty sure (judging from stock levels) I’m the only one dumb enough to pick this one up. So, I set about to hack the thing. It’s almost disappointing, as this isn’t as much of a ‘hack’ as it is ‘this system is wide open.’ Here’s what I’ve been able to determine/do with zero hardware modification. (TLDR; Everything. Install and run apps, usb devices, adb shell, etc)

Simulating Solitaire

Like many of us, I’ve been spending the past 6 months living in a frightening emotional rollercoaster. Covid-19 has devastated so many lives, and the extent of the long-term increase in mental illness, depression, and negative feelings are still unknown. I, like many, have been dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Replacing LinkedIn

It’s been a few weeks since I extracted myself from instagram. Not nearly as difficult as it was removing myself from Facebook last year, though I hardly know why.

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