I have cured my own sleep paralysis, and you can too.

I no longer fear waking. My entire life, I have dealt with sleep paralysis. If you don’t know, sleep paralysis is a condition where you wake, terrified, unable to move. Wikipedia has a good article on it, as usual. I just learned to live with it up until a few years ago. I was living with my future wife, who would see me hyperventilating, and shake me awake. At this point, I was just happy I didn’t have to lay there in fear. Time passed, and I began to feel bad for those who didn’t have wives to wake them up. I also worried it would happen on a business trip or vacation. The answer, as usual, was staring me right in the face.

Everyone should get married! Ha. No, the clue was the sound I always heard when this happened. The sound of my own terrified heartbeat. That was it. When in the throws of sleep paralysis, your heart rate increases.

I immediately went out and bought a cheap heart-rate monitor with vibration. I bought mine here in koreatown cheap at an import store. They are also available cheaply online for around 30$. Oregon scientific makes an excellent one thats around 40$. I would have paid a fortune. It works like a charm. My heart rate increases, the vibration alert goes off, and IT JOLTS ME AWAKE. Bam. I thought about patenting the idea, but you can’t really patent the use of a device that already exists, so I’m posting it here and letting the world know. I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but it works for me.

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  1. Awesome. I am really suffering with sleep paralysis right now. I am going out first thing tomorrow to buy a heart monitor. Thank you.

    • Good luck. Let me know if the stock heart monitor doesn’t work for you, as I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on adding an additional vibration motor to a heart monitor.

      • I’m 14 and this recently started about 2 months ago and when it happens it goes for a week or two straight and its the same thing I wake up at 12-2 in the morning and I wake up facing my alarm clock in extreme amounts of pain to the point of crying and I cant move my eyes or anything and I am forced stare at my alarm clock for hours on end in pain unable to move.

        • John, the fact that you are in pain while this is occurring is quite troubling. Do you have asthma? That could be the source. I’d suggest consulting with a doctor asap.

        • Hey, I have had sleep paralysis for years, I can control it to jump straight to lucid dreams,wake when iI want without alarm clocks, and decide if I wantto go into the paralysis state. I can help if you want. Carl.frazierap@gmail.

  2. That sounds brilliant. I suffered from sleep paralysis for about 5 years.
    I changed to a less stressful job.
    I changed my diet to a lot less sugar and a lot less carbs and made sure to drink a lot more water – which also had a correlation with my episodes – but that just might be my own personal metabolism.

    If it ever returns (NOOOOOO) that I’ll try out your device!

    • That’s quite interesting! I switched to a (slightly) less stressful job recently myself, and have not yet noticed a change in frequency of occurrences. I have not considered it may be metabolism related, though that is a good premise and it’s got me thinking. Thanks for the hello.

  3. I have been suffering from sleep paralysis since as long as i can remember. If i had to make an educated guess it would be at the age of eight. Now I am 16 turning 17 years old. It has recently become more frequent and more serious. I never thought of using a heart rate monitor. Sounds like a good conclusion. I’ve done some research on it and have found you can out grow it in some cases. The reason we have sleep paralysis is because of delays of brains receptors. One is a wake receptor and the other is a dream. Could explain our trouble sleeping. Before you awake the dream receptor is still active and the wake receptor is not full active. Therefor you hallucinate and see things that are not real.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this, I’ve never suffered from sleep paralysis but some of family has and I’ll be telling them about this tactic as soon as I finish commenting. Thank you so much.

  5. I dont know why you guys dont like sleep paralysis, its a wonderful gift, people spends months and years trying to attain it as it is the first stage of O.B.E or out of body experinces. which is also closley related to lucid dreaming. if you learn to turn the bad energy into good nergy you will be very happy.

    • Yea, what we’re talking about here in the most uncomfortable and extremely terrifying feeling. There is no way to turn it into something positive. When in that state of mind, there’s no thinking, only panic.

    • Omg. The feel of something evil sitting on my chest. Can’t open my eyes. Because I have heart valve problems, my heart begins to beat irregular BIGTIME! No thanks! Won’t be playing with that misery. Will get the heart monitor! Thank you Hunter!

      Mine started in my teens. Didnt have it for about 20 years…at all. Then as I started peri menopause ,it has returned. I’m also like the person who mentioned naps triggering it. Also, if I take Benadryl several nights in a row for sleep, and then stop taking it….that will trigger it. I hate it!

  6. Very interesting, going to give it a try. I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis for about 5 years now. Mostly when I nap during the afternoon or wake up early and drift back to sleep), and it’s gradually becoming more frequent. I often catch myself in it, struggling to wake up.

    My question is kind of complex and I wanted your opinion on it, I just what’s been ruled as “benign PACs”, we the atrium chambers of the heart produce extra beats and mis-fire occasionally, but I’ve had every test imaginable done and everything came back clear, there’s nothing wrong with my heart. I’ll occasionally feel a skip, followed by a hard thud in my chest, then heart rate is back to normal almost before I even realized what happened. Anyways, now I think this is do to the “dream receptor” effect as aforementioned, but on two separate occasions now, while in sleep paralysis, I have felt (or convinced myself) that I was having an irregular heartbeat. Where my pulse was rapid and all over the place, I even felt the fluttering in my chest. But both times when I awoke, my pulse was completely calm and normal, leading me to believe this was caused by a dream. This has never happened to me when I have been awake, never more then one little skip, but during paralysis it felt like it was ongoing for 30 seconds or so. I’m wondering if you think this was just me dreaming (because I constantly think and worry about the PACs, even though I’ve been told nothing is wrong with me), or if you think there’s a chance that during sleep paralysis I could be going into irregular heart rhythms?

    Thank You,

    • Hey Mike,

      That’s a tough question. I can’t say whether your heart is skipping or not (or whether you’re dreaming it or something else is occurring) with any certainty.
      Let me ask you this, do you have an iPod or Android phone? If so, I say drop some cash on a heart rate monitor attachment and find out for certain what is going on. It may take days or weeks for you to get a definitive statistically significant answer, but then you’ll have one and you can share that data with your doctors if need be.

      Best of luck!

  7. I have it alot. Like frequent. Its like weird buzzing in my brain , i dont want any evil spirits or anything. No OBE. I do in fact practice lucid dreaming. Which is harmless. But i will try these methods

  8. Hi,
    I’m trying to help my aging dad with sleep paralysis…my mom has to kick him every night to help him ‘move’ and it’s taking a toll on her health from inadequate sleep. I’m Hoping this will be the cure!
    I’m purchasing the Oregon scientic SE102 monitor for him and have a few questions:
    1. What setting should it be in (walking,jogging or run are the only available choices)?
    2. At what rate/range should he set it to be for the vibration to come on (since the rate during sleeping is different from when one is awake)?
    3. Is the vibration strong enough to wake up?
    4. He doesn’t like wearing the chest Belt so is there another heart rate monitor that’s chest belt free you can recommend?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Missy,

      I have not personally used the SE102 model exactly, but here are my best guesses for the correct settings.

      1. I would assume walking. Sleeping heart rate is ~58-82 as far as I know and that’s far lower than running or jogging. I tend to run a bit ‘high’ on that scale, and was more like 75-80 (probably because of my apnea)
      2. Personally my heart rate would climb above 80-90bpm during an episode. This may require some testing/re-configuring on your part as everyone is different. It may take a couple of weeks to get it just right. You may also need to hook up an external power source if the battery does not last > 8 hours (thrift stores are an excellent place to find low amperage power adapters that can be easily wired up to a watch). Definitely consider getting a solid pair of rechargeable batteries. The other thing is after a while you sort of ‘train’ yourself to wake up to a vibration during an episode. It may be subconscious, but you kind of ‘expect’ the vibration after a while and your heart rate seems to increase more. I don’t know if this is a Pavlovian thing or just anecdotal.
      3. Depends. It wasn’t always for me, and at one point I actually tried to have the watch ‘shock’ me (I removed the vibration motor, I would NOT recommend this. I was young and stupid.) If there’s a strength setting I’d set it to ‘high’. I’d also recommend not drinking any coffee or taking any sleep aids before bed.
      4. Besides this one which I’ve heard good things about, I also hear that there’s an iPhone attachment that works well. I don’t have an iPhone though, so take that with a grain of salt. If you find one that works, please let us know what works/doesn’t work for you.

      Best of luck!

      Hope this helps some. If anyone else has experiences to share on these specific topics I encourage you to respond.


  9. This is great. I’m 27 and have had this problem since I was 14. The first time it happened I hallucinated badly. I was hearing demonic whispering completely paralyzed. I told my dad and a few friends upon which all said I was dreaming. So I never brought it up again. it happens 4-5 times a month easily since then and finally my wife saw me go through it. I had no idea this was an actual common thing. Thanks for the info I’m getting one of these monitors as soon as I find one.

  10. Hey awesome idea …
    When it happened first to me i was terrified .
    Now i am not scared.Whenever it happens i just start counting in my head and somehow i wake up before i reach 20 . I dont know how i figured it out , but this technique has not failed me .And the best thing is you dont have to depend on anyone , u can get up by yourself . :)

    Hope it helps .

  11. Hey, thanks for this, considering buying a heart monitor myself, I’ve just experienced sleep paralysis about 10 minutes ago and wondered if anyone had any way of reducing it after you’ve just had it? I’m sort of scared to go back to sleep but if I don’t i will create more sleep debt and almost guarantee it for tonight’s sleep. Open to suggestions.

    • Hi Rachael,

      One thing to note is that Sleep Paralysis rarely happens when one is sleeping on their side. It’s usually associated with back-sleeping. If you are comfortable sleeping on your side I’d give that a try :).


      • I have never slept on my back and since a traumatic MVA 4 years ago I developed this disorder. I am stuck in the cab of the truck with my head embedded in the earth and I cannot move and I feel sheer panic, heart race increases and I end up drenched and completely exhausted. I am awake but my body will not move – I can’t cry out – I feel totally claustrophobic. Has this afflicted anyone after a traumatic experience like the one I described?

        • Bobbi,

          Personally, this is the first time I’ve heard of this affecting someone as a result of a traumatic experience. That’s quite interesting, medically speaking. If anyone else started experiencing SP after trauma that’d be very interesting! Thanks for posting up,

        • I might suggest talking to a doctor in your case. It seems like it could be related to post traumatic stress disorder in your case.

  12. Thank you for posting this!
    I will definitely get one and try this.

    I have been suffering from this for years.. I have terrible episodes while sleeping where I’m filled with fear, my heart is racing, there’s immense pressure on my chest, and I can’t move or make a sound. The dreams are always so real and up until 2 or 3 months ago I had no idea these were dreams. I always suffered silently wondering if what I had experienced/seen at night was real. A few months ago in the midst of one of these episodes I was able to mentally convince myself to try to calm down, wake up and see if it was a dream (I know this sounds strange and borderline psychotic lol but I assure you I have no psychological issues or hallucinations.. and people who’ve experienced these sleep paralysis episodes might be able to understand what I’m saying). I awoke so relieved to know it was a dream, however I was drenched in sweat absolutely terrified to remove the covers and just laid in bed wide awake until morning. It was during these hours of laying awake in terror that I also came to the conclusion that I should get myself a boyfriend or husband. That way they could wake me or touching them I’d at least always know I was dreaming and didn’t need to be scared. lol This however is not a likely solution at the moment.

    Since then I’ve been researching online to see what sleep disorder I was going through and what can be done about it. This is definetly the simplest and drug free way to solve this problem.

    • Wisc,

      You don’t sound psychotic at all, in fact these are experiences that sufferers of SP often share. I hope this method works for you! Best of luck :)

  13. I am 32 years old and just started getting them last year, It started once in a while and now it is every night when I am falling asleep ,hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis. I hate it so much I dread going to sleep. I have researched so many things and read until my eyes bled. I don’t want to take medication. I have awful visions with my paralysis and it is so scary. Plus then it takes another half hour to calm done and get back to sleep. Luckily it usually doesn’t happen the second round or in the day time when I take naps on occasion due to pure exhaustion

  14. I just had an experience though it was pretty much short lived. It’s quite similar to what Mike mentioned above and to dreams of those who mentioned about demonic choking or suffocation. I was sleeping on my side and not on the back as I woke up. As soon as I woke up I could feel my heart beat level raised a bit along with thuds which could be felt on your chest wall and slightly sweating despite having slept in an air-conditioned room cooled for 3-4 hours. A couple of days ago I stressed a lot in trying to beat a violent video game and my sleep routines were disturbed quite a bit. I have been taking Vitamin B-complex (Vitanerve) tablets my mom handed over to me as supplements for 2-3 weeks. So I don’t know whether there’s been any side effects induced by taking tablets outside GP’s prescription. I do body-weight routine exercises on alternate days. Currently I’m 28, not been working for 2 years since post graduation. My sleeping habits kept varying a lot since then.

    I beginning to feel that this might be caused due to level of stress and anxiety one goes through in their daily routine and the toll it can have on your overall health. Perhaps reducing stress in one way or the other should help.

    • Manoj,

      It’s certainly possible. Body-weight routine exercises can be stress relieving, did you experience SP on one of these days, or one of the off days? Perhaps try meditation? For a long time I thought the triggering of SP was purely oxygen intake and weight-related, but I’ve lost 80 lbs since my highest weight and while now in an ‘ideal weight range’, I still experience SP from time to time. I doubt it is B-complex, as I spent 6 years as a vegetarian and eventually had to take lots of B vitamins because I wasn’t getting any in my diet. Even at the point where I would have had almost no B intake, I still experienced SP from time to time. There’s something more involved. Perhaps it is stress?

      Best of luck, and I hope it’s a one time thing for you.

  15. Wow that seems so logic! I wish I had the brains to think of a heart rate monitor! However getting one will be hard, my mum will make be but it myself and I would really like one asap. I was wondering are there any other treatments? I’ve tried all the obvious thinks; bedtime, tea, soothing music, read etc. But they work most of the time but I still get it like 2-3 times a week. I have no idea what I should do know because its effecting my education and behavior. My GCSE’s/ Exams are coming up and sleep is a major part of my well-being. Thanks for the article, I’ll tell my mum she suffers from it too but just like you she’s married, thanks again!

    • Hey Bella,

      Nothing else has worked for me, but I am told that for some folks weight loss and stress reduction can help reduce SP. Best of luck!

    • John,

      Everyone is entitled to their own theories. Personally I think that attempting to attribute a physical phenomenon to a religious event is an abysmal misuse of your time.

  16. Hi guys.I live in Kenya that is in Africa.i am on this forum as i googled on what my problem was.lately i so afraid to sleep i will read a book till late hours or watch tv but i will find myself asleep and when its time to wake up i cant.it is the most scary thing i have ever gone through.its affecting my life and i dread going to sleep.i dont know what a heart rate monitor is and if found in my country am sure its to pricy to affors.can someone send me one please.i need my life back

    • Hi Joan,

      Sorry to hear that you are being affected in this way. Has your stress level or weight significantly changed lately? There are some people that report a change in exercise/diet can help as well. Not sure if there are any other folks near ya that read this blog but if so, I hope they contact.


  17. Hi Hunter,

    Thanks for posting what worked for you and seeing that this thread is still alive shows that so many others experience similar horrible episodes as I do. I’ll try the heart monitor technique. My only worry is, my mind will fool me into thinking the monitor has gone off, only for me to think I’m awake, open my eyes, and be “greeted” by the witch, the mysterious being draped in red cloth, and the rabid dog. For a few instances, me wiggling my toes would snap me out, but my brain wised up and made me think I was wiggling, only to send me deeper down the path of terror.

    I’ve tried so many techniques, and the only method that works is whimpering loud enough for my girlfriend to shake me and clap, finally getting me out of the experience. It’s one thing to be in the zone of sleep paralysis; what makes the episodes worse is when I think I’m out only to have my mind fool me again. It’s like a cruel sabotage or something.

    These points stated, I’ll try the heart monitor method. Thanks again!


  18. Hi guys. .reading that so many others go through this rly helps,,i thought i was the only one,.im a muslim, wich means i fast during the islamic month of ramadan. . .my sleep pyralisis occurs during ramadan! I think its purely to do with the drastic change in sleep patterns and also diet’..it does feel scary at the tym though…i sometimes end up in tears. Wat i hav noticed for sure is that when it does hapn,im sleeping on my back..or left..nevr on my ríght…x

    • Hi Faz,

      Yep these appear to be common themes, perhaps there is something to do with blood sugar level involved? Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  19. My 20 year old daughter experienced SP for the first time this week after she’d gone to bed..and then 2 days later during a nap experienced an auditory hallucination that caused her to get up and follow the command given to her in her dream. When she finally woke up she was standing up in her room holding the tv remote. She said thats what “the voice” told her to do. Both episodes happened ehile she was sleeping. Are SP and auditory hallucinations related? She is an anxious person and doesn’t get a lot of sleep due to her college schedule. She’s afraid to go to sleep now which is making her more anxious. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Possibly. We really don’t know a lot about SP. One theory is that it is related to blood glucose levels. Hallucinations (both audio and visual) are common among SP suffers. For SP you can wear a heart monitor and that may be enough. I’d also see if there have been any sudden changes in diet and/or sleeping patterns recently that may have triggered the SP.

  20. Thanks for responding. She’s definitely beenbsleepndeprived and changed her diet greatly this last month due to an exercise class she joined. We also found out her vitamin B12 levels are so low the dr. Wants her to get the B12 injections. I’ve been reading low B12 can cause hallucinations. But the hallucinations have always happened when she’s waking from sleeping.
    Thanks for listening!

  21. Don’t know if it’s the same thing. But when I’m dreaming I get a feeling of being choked and my body is completely paralyzed. I’m not aware of my surroundings it always happens when I’m in deep sleep. When I wake up I feel lightheaded and I feel a pressure in my nose/forehead when I inhale through my nose. This thing is ruining my life. I never seem to feel rested after several hours of sleep. Gonna try your suggestion with a heart rate monitor.

    • Andy,

      It certainly sounds like SP to me, though there may be a component of apnea at play. Best of luck with the heart rate monitor! Also, double check if you have cats that they are not sleeping on your chest late at night.


        • Personally I’ve never had a ‘demon dream’, but do always feel like I’m being watched. It’s an psychological phenomenon that we really don’t know enough about.

  22. Hi,
    I have SP since the last 3 years. It mostly happens during the night, somethimes early morning. I always wake up to some sound, I hear that something is coming towards me, and a few thimes I even felt that this thing is climbing up to my bed, and then I am paralyzed. I tried to fight it off, nothing worked. I always experience some pain, mostly around my stomach or belly bottom. I got kind of used to it, but this is not a kind of experience I would seek or wish to my worst enemy…
    I tried all kind of symbols as a protection, so long the alfa symbol worked very well, but not anymore.
    I don’t believe that SP could be cured with medication. I have more hope to heart monitor. So I will try it.
    Thanks :)

    • Best of luck! You may also want to try adjusting the angle at which you’re sleeping. Many SP sufferers only report symptoms when they are sleeping their back (and their air passages may be partially blocked).

  23. For the past 2 years or so I’ve been attempting to increase my lucid dreaming experiences because they’ve always been pleasant in the past. It started to work, but for about 4 months now, my lucid dreams turn into SP, and sometimes I just have SP without the lucid dreams. It’s been increasing lately to at least 2 times a week. Thanks for everyone sharing their stories. It makes me feel better knowing that I’m not alone in this. I always fall asleep on my side and wake up on my back, so I don’t really know how to prevent that. But if it doesn’t decrease soon, I’ll try the heart monitor. Thanks again!!

    • That’s interesting, lucid dreaming leading to SP. It makes one wonder if the biological root cause of both is similar in nature. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Thanks for this thread for a long time I suffered alone and in silence, I progressed to a stage of serious panic attacks. I simply lost my I independence as an adult and started medicating myself with alcohol, strangely I never experienced any hallucinations or got paralysed if I went to bed toasted. The trouble was only in the morning when I had sobered up. as we speak the teeth grinding is so bad it feels like my teeth will fall off from my swollen gums, I am taking comfort

    I am not going to let this ruin my life.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey Gosebo,

      Thanks for sharing your story. If you can, try a heart monitor. Sleeping on your side helps some folks. Having a spouse or a pet that can jostle you when you start to wheeze could help. I’m also beginning to wonder if sleeping in a hammock would help. Best.

  25. Very interesting solution!
    I’ve had sp since i wad about eleven Yeats old (now I’m 24), always with terrifying hallucinations. Some things I noticed that reasonnate with what you say:
    i’m in fact almost always lying on my back when it happens (though i initially begin to sleep on my side).
    The heart beating thing does seem to be oart of this. Onde method i eventually developped to deal with sp was to close my eyes and sleep slowly, until i wad fully awake and able to move. Maybe when the heart does slow down the sp state ends.
    And finnally, i’d like to tell you that It’s been a while since i don’t have any episodes, perhaps the most time ever in my life without any. I think it’s since I began an acupuncture treatment to my headaches. Ever since i didn’t have any more episodes and it’s been almost a year! Perhaps it could help other people as well..
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Barbara,

      That’s very interesting! It sounds like acupuncture might be a good alternative for those suffering from SP. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I suffered sleep paralysis many years.

    Started at 14. Had them on a daily basis. Average 3 to 6 times a night 5, 6, or 7 days a week.

    So it literally happened to me thousands of times.

    I thought I was cursed.

    At 18. I used internet to research it. lo and behold, it wasnt evil, spirits or a curse… it was a sleep condition.

    The day I found out about, I cured myself overnight.

    It happened much less.
    maybe once a night

    then once a week.

    then once a month.

    The cure is simple.

    if you experience sleep paralysis you simply turn it into a lucid dream.

    I now welcome any bouts of sleep paralysis to come although it so rare now perhaps twice a year.

    But this early fascination with sleep is like a gift.

    I can lucid dream almost anytime I want.

    good luck guys

    • Thanks for sharing your story Rephore, I was never able to lucid dream myself but I hope that other folks are able to follow your advice.

  27. I have managed to break out of sleep paralysis twice, I took deeper and faster breaths until i was panting/hyperventilating, then i managed to break out. I hope this helps some people.

  28. I’ve been having issues with it on and off for about 2 years now. I don[‘t remember ever doing it before then. Basically I “wake up” and “go through my morning routine” but usually something is slightly off about it. The toilet is another color, the toothpaste it different, my husband is not there, or the cat is bright orange instead of his usual grey. It’s always some small element like that. It’s at that point that I always realize I’m not actually up and I’m dreaming. THEN I proceed to freak out. I feel heavy and cannot move. Limbs, toes, fingers, nothing. My heart rate increases as my panic does. And I’m usually convinced I can see everything around me (I’m uncertain if my eyes are open or not, though part of me thinks so since it’s the usual blurry (I cannot see without contacts/glasses) and it always matches the amount of light in the room when I finally DO wake up) and then I lay there and try to cry out for help. Sometimes after about 20 or so tries I can make a wheezing sound, but that’s all. One time I tried to get to my phone, which was lying right beside me on the bed for what seemed like an eternity (no idea how long it actually was) determined that was my savior, silently begging someone to text me or call me.

    Occasionally I’ll think I’m awake a second time, for a second round of the whole thing. That one always makes it so much worse that by the time I do wake up I’m actually in a full-blown panic attack. Because you get this ‘how many more times before I’m really awake’ feeling and then you honestly don’t know or understand if you ARE awake or not.

    Tonight… was a very strange thing. I’ve got a stomach virus and have felt nauseous the whole day. I decided to take a nap since I was sort of nodding off. I stayed in my chair since usually going to bed for a nap triggers one of these episodes, but I HAD had good luck on being in the chair not creating one.

    This one was like nothing else I’ve had before though. I know I was awake. I had already picked up my phone and started creating saliva in my mouth again (you don’t when you’re asleep unless you’re very very sick and drooling). I thought to myself that I felt a bit queasy and then looked toward the bathroom. I saw a hallucination of a raccoon coming out of the bathroom (upside down as it was on the ceiling) with a candy cane and a large metallic green bow tied to it’s back. It was walking on fog toward me from the bathroom doorway (it’s down the hallway from where I sit, slightly off to the right). It came to about halfway between the bathroom door and the next and I kept thinking ‘I’m hallucinating, what the ever living hell is going on here’ over and over and it started to recede into the bathroom. I am not running a temperature and I have put more than enough fluids into me. so all I can chalk it up to is I have started a new phase of this and frankly… it was less terrifying than the ‘I’m awake but not’ version.

    Anyone else had anything like that sort of change on them? Really strange.

    • Hi Cadf,

      Can’t say that I’ve personally experienced anything like that. Have you tried a heart rate monitor? Thanks for sharing,


  29. I sometimes wake up but can only open my eyes, and tweak my neck very slightly. at first it was very scary feeling and general still is but i am used to it more so i know to calm my self a little and wait. I tend to keep trying to move my head more and more but hard to say when it will go away or how long its gonna last, seconds can feel soo long. I do notice if i just go back to sleep right away the same way it will happen again. i have to roll over or get up for a second and usually doesnt do it again right away that night.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences! There seem to be a lot of common threads. I am hopeful one day we’ll better understand what causes SP. Best of luck and thanks!

  30. I had sleep paralysis on and off over 15 years – I called it the buried alive experience – wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I stopped it by educating myself about the what happens during REM sleep, the slowed shallow breathing, and paralysis. For me the real solution came when I linked the dreams [being trapped in a small space] to old trauma and the freeze response which is tied into the vagus nerve. Basically trauma can be left as a body memory as a freeze response and there seems to be a unconscious connection between the paralysis of REM/ dream and the repressed trauma. Once I knew this I noticed that I was taking control of the dreams at the point where normally I would start entering the small space and be able to realise I had a choice not to go in – then I’d wake knowing that I could move – Somehow the trance of the sleep paralysis had gone. Educate yourself about the freeze response of trauma/ the vagus nerve – Peter Levine – Steven Porges have done great work on this. It doesn’t matter what the trauma was – it’s about cognitively knowing that it is over and that now you can move. Good Luck. And thanks for the web page – professionals don’t seem to know about SP.

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you’ve found a way to prevent your SP, what an interesting idea, that it could be related to trauma. I just went and read up on the Vagus nerve and it’s fascinating! Apparently some people think it may be activated by IBS or other stomach conditions (which I have!) A very interesting line of research! Thanks again, and best.

  31. Hey i wanted to tell you that my sleep paralysis started before 2 months the first months i lived with fear and sleep with fear cause i saw black shadow figures and more scary things then i started to get angry and now i don’t afraid to much and i see nothing scary but yet sleep paralysis is a habit for me now not that i want but it happens a lot the problem is i turn around when i am sleeping and turn from my side to the back i think that’s why i always has SP but i experience many times out of body experience and many times when i am in the state of SP i am moving and see my arms but my real arms are not moving then i learn that this is my astral body that i am ready to leave my body and i did it many times but now i don’t want to did nothing and yet sleep paralysis is always with me in the morning i wish this will stop soon cause it will become a really bad habit..

    • Thanks for sharing, hopefully we’ll find a cure. Until then there are a number of treatment options. Have you tried the heart-monitor?


  32. You have brought me peace tonight. Son took his first attack after 8 years. Use to have terrors now with a heart condition and in the top bunk and new to Albertas sun till 11 pm suck. I put up darkening drapes tonight I guess that was a bad choice. I’ll let my boy know your idea. And get a vibration alarm for him if it happens again.
    God bless Anitra.

  33. i find sleep paralysis is more prone to happen if u go to bed with a bad thought or anger or even if your spirit is troubled by a situation or if u sleep on ur back with ur head facing the ceiling. The way i cured mine was to first stay calm in the situation, and not try to breakout of it suddenly, and secondly call on the name of Jesus. It really works. Nowadays, i can hardly remember the last time i had an episode.

  34. Hi,

    Interesting idea. Not sure how can heart monitor produce enough power to wake me up though. What about the immense fear before meh open my eyes and see shit face shadow dude standing by my bed trying to kill me or whatever. For me the start of SP is as anoying as the entity. The feeling of ancient EVIL ariving. That’s when I realize that as soon as I open my eyes I’ll find out what other stupid horror figures is my mind able to produce. Ordering Oregon Scientific SE102. 100$ is a small price to pay. I’d give a fortune just to make it STOP.

    • By the way. The best thing I have found to fight SP is trying to move my finger a bit or move my face a bit. If I manage to move any part of my body all those ghosts and devils dissapear. Hope my advice will help you people. Still it lasts for couple of seconds. Couple of seconds is too much! I am ordering hearth monitor with nasty vibrations most Definitely

  35. I get this too once a few months or half a year. I think it’s related to metabolism and mental state at the moment. I had an episode a few days ago, at night, at about 1 o’clock, after I had slept for 3 or 4 hours in the late afternoon – early evening. I also went to bed after eating 2 eggs and a lot of french fries. So, the long day sleep and the full belly were part of the problem. In my other SP episodes I also had irregular sleep times, and twice I remember being angry because of noises coming from some building neighbours. It never happened after being sad or depressed, only after being mildly angry, sleeping at odd hours during the day and eating fried and oily food. The last time I panicked because I believed I had a terrible arhythmia and my heart stopped for a bit, and I still don’t really know if it was true or just a fear generated sensation. I didn’t know about the condition, so naturally I thought it was some sort of a heart or breathing problem that’s keeping me paralyzed. Now that I know, I’ll try not to panic anymore, try to move my extremities and stuff, although I’ll still get scared, but hopefully a lot less, so as not tu generate a heart failure or something. It will be a bit hard because in a SP state, no matter how conscious you are of the situation, there is always some fear left and you are still anxious to get over it as quickly as possible.

    Now, for the creatures, ghosts, shadow men and such that people see during these episodes, I’ve never experienced such things, I believe mainly because I’m a more rational person, an atheist, I just found myself not being able to move and tried to snap out of it, no visions, no beings, no mentally wandering through my flat, conscious of what was really happening and scared for my life, since I thought it’s a heart ot breathing generated crisis, which probably sent me in a REAL heart arhythmia and maybe even fibrillation, since I could feel my heart trembling. I hope they were just fake sensations and, even if real, I’ll try to calm down and not generate them again by fear.

    I think it’s an important test for a person’s rationality, a good way to find out how rationally you can cope with fierce stress without bringing in your imagination. The case of the asian people who died of heart failure during SP episodes is relevant, since they all had a strong belief in creatures coming at night to haunt them. The stress is already enough without stupid beliefs, no matter the religion/culture that are generated by, to put an even greater stress on such a situation is really riscky, especially for people predisposed to arhythmia because of a weak heart or genetic condition.
    My view? Regular sleep, no full belly or anger before bed, get rid of the bullshit religious, SF, and folklore stories, try not to panic to much, in order not to generate dangerous heart problems. Oh, and a medical examinatin, to see if your heart can cope with it and is not afected by severe arhythmia or other serious problems.

  36. Oh, another thing I wanted to say. Almost all of the doctors will see such an episode as an anxious attack, 100% mentally generated, and you must be careful with their advices, since the know nothing about the condition, but they still prescribe pills and stuff. There are, ar least in my contry, very few doctors that have knowledge of this condition. You shouldn’t follow their advices if you see that they can’t recognize the condition, because it’s not recommended to become a pill junkie for no reason. But, if the episodes are very frequent and the doctor really knows about the condition, following his advice would be a normal thing to do.

  37. Hi everyone, I too have sp and it only started after an accident 11 years ago, however I do have some memories as a child of falling asleep and the wall moving towards me. I really thought I was going mad or maybe my pain meds were causing me to have fits. I also sleep on my side due to my back injury yet also get the choking feeling and like the breathing just won’t start. It’s so scary. I had a really bad episode one night and woke to my little dog licking my face and barking at me which brought me round. It’s had a terrible effect on my dog who is now 5 and he follows me everywhere. I now know when I’m going to have an episode because my dog acts strangely that day literally from morning till night, so clearly our bodies must give off some signal. I know when it’s coming. I will lay trying to fall asleep when I get a metalic taste in my mouth and a funny feeling in my ears like I’m under water or something. I feel like my heart skips a beat and then bang, it starts. I shake, some times violently but I just can’t wake up. I hate sp so much and I could never ever imagine this to be a positive thing. Thank you all for sharing your stories x

  38. This is nice, I’m Jeff, 26. I suffer SP since I was 17, and still suffering now.

    Here’s what I encounter while having SP:
    1. Cant move.
    2. My ear begin to deaf (with unknown loud sound).
    3. Insufficient air to breathe
    4. Sometimes I can see a shadow in the room
    5. I feel i was biting so hard to the point my teeth and jaw will break.
    6. Sometime I feel i’m sinking in my bed.

    guy, i need some advise. you can reach me at my email nosreffej_snemelc@yahoo.com
    for add me up on fb, nosreffej_snemelc@yahoo.com (JFFRSN CLEMENS).

  39. I had a dream that Iwas on a beach laying on a rock watching my friends and family play volleyball.. I felt tired in the dream and lay on the Rock, my friend sat down behind me and I could feel pressure on my back (all in the dream), then I woke up and could still fill the pressure on my back, but I couldn’t move, I could see and hear my teens playing video games downstairs, I began to try to scream but only air and a slight screech came out. The thing behind me grabbed ahold of me the minute I woke. It was like the dream was just planted to justify the pressure on my back side (as I was sleeping on my side), Finially it let go, I jumped up and ran down stairs and yelled at my some asking why he didnt come up while I was screaming for him.. He Said oh? I thought I heard Something.

    On Another occation, again about 2 am. I had an episode and said nothing about it.. My daughter, who of course got in too late for curfew, Actually asked me the next day if I had an Episode and I said Yes and she said what time and I said around 2 am. and she said I though so Cause I heard something that sounded like Masking tape being pulled from a reel of tap at while she was passing my door and it scared her so she went to her Room..

    Could I be sleep walking?

  40. I have had a problem with sleep paralysis for most of my life. I do not have any miracle cure only a suggestion.

    I have found through trial and error that I can minimize my bouts with sleep paralysis by refraining from snacking before going to bed. In my case I believe that blood sugar has a part in causing this problem.

    I have no medical training or special knowledge it was just trial and effect. Perhaps this knowledge can help you to get some relief from this problem. Good luck.

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