I’ve written about 70 Android Apps and Games since getting started with the platform in the Summer of 2011. They are mostly available on the Android Market, and all are open source and hosted at my GitHub page.

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  1. Wondering if you’d be interested in developing a “CPO” app. Recently had to recertify for the Certified Pool Operators and had developed quite a few conversions in Excel that I’d be happy to send you. The NSPF just came out with an Android app but it’s sold in segments, i.e. volume calculations, chemical dosing etc. I have just about all of them in one spreadsheet. Understand if you’re not interested as it looks like you’re one busy developer.


    • Hey Mike,

      Apologies, but yeah I’ve gotten myself pretty far buried in my todo list. I do think that if it’s just a series of excel equations that it would be relatively easy to implement, and if you decide to give it a go I’d be happy to offer what advice I can. Cool idea!


  2. Hey Hunter,

    Would you be interested in a Lead Android Developer role at a start-up in San Francisco, CA?


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