Easy Inventory

Easy Inventory is the first in a line of free Android apps I’ll be releasing.

Easy Inventory is

  1. Free
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Visually Driven

Update 4/2012 This is now also hosted on GitHub. Check it out at my GitHub page.

UPDATE — Easy Inventory is open source now! Check it out and all the source code on SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/p/easyinventory

UPDATE — Easy Inventory has a “bulk sale” option now!

Using Easy Inventory is simple.

  1. Select a Photo
  • Enter Item Details

  • That’s it! Now just Buy or Sell items and keep track of the profit and sales record.
  • Easy!
  • You can download Easy Inventory from the app store here

    25 thoughts on “Easy Inventory

    1. Could you put up the .apk of the app or send it to me perchance? I ask because I’ve got an android tablet without access to the market(I and a few others are working on it, but for now, nothing…) and I would love to use all your apps. Thanks.

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    3. Congrats, the app is shaping up nicely, and thanks for the Bulk option! A couple more things I think would be very helpful: A “Notes” feature when you enter a sale, just a simple field to put a customer name or order number, and most importantly some kind of an “Edit”capability! I just tried to enter a sale for 2 boxes and it somehow stuck in the default “10” leaving me with negative inventory and no way to fix it! What could I do? In my efforts to find a fix, I ended up deleting my log and losing all my data.

      This app comes closest to filling my needs, but still could stand some improving. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

      • Hey Cameron,

        Those sound like solid features, I’ll put them into the next release when I get some free time. Apologies for the late reply, was up at TC disrupt all week. Having surgery tomorrow so I’ll be out for a bit, but it’ll hopefully happen soon. Appreciate the feedback!! Thanks!

    4. No worries about the timing, I’ll keep an eye out for your update! Best wishes for your surgery, I sincerely hope all went well.

    5. I am using Easy Inventory to track where I put my art work. two things would be great additions.
      1 – location area (I’m using notes right now)
      2 – % field of what I am giving the shop.
      Just ideas, love the app.

    6. I need something to keep track of my wife’s yard art she sells at art fairs, this seems to do that. my question is can this be synced to a web based version…phones change so often i would not want to lose any info..

      • Hi Jason,

        It certainly could be synced up to the cloud, but you’d probably have to use another piece of software to do it. I’ll look into what modifications would be necessary to back up the program database to your gmail acct. etc. Good suggestion, thanks!

    7. Hello!

      Great app first of all. I have been using it on the Playbook and it has been really useful. I do have some suggestions / tweeks.

      As mentioned in some posts it would be very useful to have an option for listing in alphabetical order.

      Perhaps even an option to have different categories?

      Also, the ability to have a list view would be pretty sweet, even with a thumbnail image.

      Just a few wishlist ideas.

      Again, a better app than some of the paid apps out there.


      • Hello!,

        Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll see if I can’t find the time to add these features into Easy Inventory. Note that the playbook version is actually the work done by another developer and is based on my open source Easy Inventory for Android that’s available at GitHub (or here, or on Android Market). So even if I add the features, they’ll still need to be recompiled for Playbook by whomever ported my software to that platform.


      • Hey Charlie,

        That’d be a good feature to add! I’ll see if I can get that happening when I get some free time.


    8. Just curious when I compile this and try to run on 4.1 Jellybean I keep getting a FC? When I load up the git repo I get errors in EasyVisualInventory.java dealing with the google ads import, and adview display section of the code. I remove the ad display section and imports that aren’t there but still getting a FC as soon as it loads up. Any ideas?

      • Hey WC,

        Are you wanting to build without ads? Does logcat show anything when it crashes? If you’re OK with ads I’d try putting the newest adsense in the libs directory and doing an ‘android tools-> fix project properties’. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Grainne,

        Depending on the device, the application may elongate as per Android system conventions. As you have more screen space, the input boxes and dialogs etc will be larger to accommodate the larger screen.


        • I have a Samsung tablet and the thumbnail s are too too small to see. Also, a text listing option would help to find items faster. I like the app and it seems to do what I need for my crafting business. This app however won’t work on my Samsung galaxy 2 phone. It keeps crashing when u add a pic. I hope you con’t to update, its a cute and easy app once u figure it out. Thank you.

          • Hi Melinda,

            Thanks for the heads up! I’ve got an idea for how to fix the small thumbnails issue, I’ve been working on an update to address issues people have seen on newer, larger tablets. I’ll see if I can’t get the next version out here soon.

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