Easy File Split and Join

Easy File Split and Join is a fast and free app to split or join files. This is especially useful for sending file attachments, recombining files downloaded in parts, and getting around file size limitations. It is opimized for writing very large files even on devices with very low memory.

UPDATE — Advanced multi-file join has been added! Arbitrarily join any number of different files.

Anecdotally, joining a 400 megabyte matroska video file took 50 seconds on my Viewsonic Gtablet.

You can download Easy File Split and Join from the Android Market here.

Update 4/2012 This is now open source and hosted on GitHub. Check it out at my GitHub page.

24 thoughts on “Easy File Split and Join

  1. thanks for easy to use application… i have successfully split the file on my android device… but i donot know how to join back on my laptop having windows.

  2. The program isn’t joining files it is just adding MULTIJOINED to the name of the last file added. What should I do?

  3. My Samsung Note has 1 GB free space and the two avi files are 95 and 90 mb respectively. Tried reinstalling with no success the files will not join.

    • Gotcha. Doubtful it’s a memory issue. I was planning on buying a note eventually anyway so hopefully I can get this one fixed when I pick it up. Apologies that it’s not working ATM, though you are welcome to mess with the source on GitHub if you’re so inclined 🙂 I’ll update when I’ve got it working on the note. Best

  4. I thought it can join video files so they can be played as one video clip. But it seems I was wrong. Do you know program doing this?

    • Not for Android (that I know of). It would have to know how to parse the headers for various video files and change metadata properties, merge streams, etc. Best of luck!

  5. Hello! Why can’t I join 2 FLV files? I have lots of space on my sdcard. The size will just get bigger but the videos are not joined. Please can you help me or givee the full tutorial on how to join two video files. My phone is Xperia Mini Pro. Please reply.

    • Hi Arjun,

      You can join 2 FLV files, but only if they were split by this program. Otherwise you’d need to re-write the header data to account for the longer video data portion, update the metadata, etc. This is just a basic file split/joint at the byte level.

  6. Today I want to join 2 avi file(115 89 MB) but it doesn’t happen.
    Can you tell me how to join these files?
    I split them and join all 5 but not happen ..

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Easy file split and join simply splits files or joins them together. Media files (such as avi video files) have a special header section which contains metadata about the file. So even though my program can stick the two avi files together, when your media player reads the file it will still think it is just the first file. There are media file splitters and joiners that work specifically with video/audio files to get around this issue.

      Best of luck!

    • Sure, just press the ‘load file’ button multiple times, one for each file you want to join. Best of luck!

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