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Hunter Davis Manager Readme

Earlier this week one of the managers on my leadership team shared a most excellent article around the concept of a manager Readme, a readme file to get folks ready for a new manager, and a number of great examples from our industry. You can read the article here I was quite inspired, so I drafted an MVP, and my management team helped me iterate it into a good state (thanks team!) The latest version can be found at Github: here. Introduction So, I'm your new

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Surface RT Equalizer Visualizer

The Surface (non-pro) was an interesting device. Running windows RT 8.1 and sporting a 720p display, from the outside this was a half-decent productivity tablet. It came with a fully usable version of Microsoft office, could share peripherals with the (far superior) surface pro, and was priced to sell. Sadly, the locked-down operating system meant the software landscape was barren, the hacking scene was anemic, and the technology quickly became outdated. You wouldn't think there'd be much you could do with one nowadays, and generally

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Game Boy "Classic"

There's a pretty well known rule around my house: "If I buy one TV, I need to get rid of two." I know the math of this doesn't seem to work out in theory, but in practice it does. Between giveaways from friends and what I find myself, there's always a steady stream of television related projects coming through. When I'm out at a thrift store, I keep an eye on the old sets. I'm a sucker for an interesting TV, and sometimes one just hits

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I Think I'm Against App Stores Now

TLDR; I'm allowing all but two of my android apps to sunset off of the app store in the beginning of the year. You'll still be able to download them all and their source code from GitHub. Here's the thing folks: I'm really starting to worry about app stores. I used to think of app stores like package repositories. Eager developers write useful utilities, get them approved, and that's that. The compatibility may eventually drop off, but you can be reasonably assured that your software will

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TI-99/4A Tis Fun/4All

The other day I was south of Seattle perusing some lesser known thrift stores. Just your typical Saturday morning, when I spy a very cool thing: A TI-99/4A retail box. I inspect the box, and it's full of treasure! A bunch of cartridges, a couple of tapes, the original instruction and basic training manuals, a 1981 issue of computer user magazine, two paddles and an rf adapter. And since it was so close to Thanksgiving/Black Friday, everything was half off. 20$ for a 4A?

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My (486) Gaming Laptop

When it comes to modern retro gaming, there's a whole world of emulation options out there. Dosbox runs on anything, and even your phone is powerful enough to emulate modern consoles. Still, for some of us that's not enough. There's something magical about playing on original hardware. On the other hand, it's actually pretty rare that you find a 486 laptop that's still in great working order. Usually it's the hard drive that's busted. Thankfully, there's a great fix for that now. You can (quite cheaply)

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Your First Day as an Engineering Manager

Hey Folks, For those who've been reading this blog for a decade or two, this article may seem a bit out of place. It's not a cool hack or a game review or software that I've written. It's honest advice that I give to managers in my org. Over the past 20 years my career has been an ever-increasing set of leadership initiatives, engineering challenges, and public mistakes. I've decided to start sharing a bit more of those aspects of my career. I'll be cross-posting more

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Boom Box Build Version 1

Dissatisfied with the current stand of the boom box world, I set about to see if I could do better on my own. The end result is a boombox so loud, so RUDE, it's like nothing you've ever seen or heard before, and it wasn't particularly difficult. Step zero: Speakers I believe that if speakers are the heart of a boom box, you should build your boom box around the speakers you have. In my case I found a set of old pyle 10" drivers and

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Chromecast your LPs With a Little Help From WebAudio

As it usually does, this all started in the thrift store. I was perusing the usual DVD racks and furniture when something caught my eye. It was an ion USB turntable, the kind with no speakers. These types of cheap turntables clutter the electronics sections of most thrift stores, as the replacement needle is generally more valuable than the turntable itself. Nevertheless I decided to take a look. Lo and behold, the needle still had the plastic sleeve on, and had never been used, for 5$

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An ode to antennae

If you're anything like me, you hate to see old technology go to waste. I've often heard folks lament as I perused the electronics section at a thrift store, "oh that's a cool TV, but there's no connector!" Pshaw I say to them, it's got one of the best connectors in the world. It's got an antenna. This is a quick tale of one such occurrence, that ended with me purchasing an 80s era pocket TV. You can file this under ridiculous hacks, as there's an

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Road Rash (Sega CD)

When it comes to video games, there are two guaranteed ways to get me interested. One: have an awesome soundtrack. Two: competitive racing. While I never considered myself particularly good at either music or racing, the combination really gets my motor running. That's why games like Rock and Roll Racing, Burnout, GTA, etc hold such high regard for me. They mix quality racing (or open-world style racing) gameplay with real tunes, real composers. So when I saw Road Rash, I knew I was in for something

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Site Changes Incoming!

Hi All, Over the course of the next week, you'll be noticing some site changes. First off, I've moved the commenting system to disqus, and migrated all of the existing conversations to this new format. In this way, I'll be able to more easily experiment with different blogging systems. Next, I'm in process of migrating to the ghost blogging platform. I dig the simplicity and it's been ten years since I moved over to WordPress. It's time for a change. If all of the

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