Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster

My second eBook, Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster – A Practical Walkthrough is a collected volume of my article series of the same name. Throughout the 6 in-depth how-to articles, I’ll take you through the process of building a fully working cross-compilation distributed build system. The canonical example is of building a distributed ARM to X86-64 cross-compilation cluster. This system is also generic enough to apply to most any compilation environment, while remaining powerful enough to outperform all but the most advanced compilation systems. With source code examples provided and easy step by step instructions, this 60+ page instructional eBook is a valuable introductory and practical resource for those interested in distributed compilation, cross compilation, low power computing clusters, and so much more. It’s also one terrific bargain, and an excellent reference.

This is the cover image for my second eBook, Build Your Own Compilation Cluster

Currently you can buy the book at:

  1. Barnes and Nobles
  2. Amazon Kindle Store
  3. Preview, purchase, and rent my books from Google Books in all territories (NO DRM, full copy-paste support).
  4. Sony eBook Store
  5. Kobo Store
  6. Android Market
  7. Apple and Apple App Store
  8. Diesel eBook Store
  9. Scrollmotion eBook Store
  10. Smashwords eBook Store

7 thoughts on “Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster

  1. Dear Mr. Davis,

    I purchased this book on, but it appears to be incomplete (~10 pages, certainly not 60+ pages of text) and starts with “Writing and Virtualized Testing of Your Own Distributed Compilation System / If you’re coming in from the previous articles in this series, you should have a fully working distcc compilation cluster.”




    • Hey Christopher,

      Apparently a simple formatting change I made to this book recently was anything but. I’ve re-uploaded the book in its entirety. Please let me know if this doesn’t fix your issue. I’ve also emailed you a copy of the book. Best, and thanks for the heads up,

  2. I’d like to buy some of your ebooks, but can’t find them on Android Market or Google Books. I have bad feelings towards Amazon. Maybe your next paid app would be a book-publishing app? Also your site could do with an easy to find link “BUY if you like my hacks & writing” … πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Simon,

    Yeah, I’m fairly sure my ebooks are available throughout most of the EU, but getting links to all of those stores isn’t a straightforward process by any means. I’m going to look into it further when I have more time though, and perhaps implement that big shiny button πŸ™‚

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