Recommendations Given

4/27/2020 David Ross , RealSelf , Software Development Engineer II

David Ross is a dynamic and extremely talented engineer. I had the pleasure of working with David at RealSelf, he was actually one of the first people I met. That’s a common story actually, David is extremely helpful and is often one of the first people folks reach out to when they are setting up a dev environment or facing a bug or issue. The breadth of David’s knowledge is impressive, to say the least. Not purely around engineering topics, David has experience to bear on virtually any situation your business could face. Ever since he joined RealSelf those five years ago, David was also the center of our social hub at work. Once a week the company would rally around David, and he would share from his personal collection of craft beers. Even during these social times I always felt I learned something from David. I highly recommend David for any engineering, mentorship, knowledge-imparting or craft beer related role.

4/22/2020 Kelly Linkous (she/her) , RealSelf , Tech Recruiter

Kelly Linkous is a recruiting leader that gets it done. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly during her tenure at RealSelf, and when she started we were looking to grow our organization and fill some longstanding senior roles. With Kelly’s guidance and support we had the most senior engineering role filled within a month… along with a dozen others. Kelly worked tirelessly to streamline our hiring process. She pulled in leadership stakeholders and hiring managers into process improvements and bias-reduction strategies. She worked with engineers and engineering leaders to vet and re-architect our hiring process and technical interview process. Perhaps most importantly, Kelly kept our hiring pipeline full and our interview process respectful and unbiased. I highly recommend Kelly for any recruiting or recruiting leadership position. I personally enjoyed working with Kelly greatly, she was a dynamite partner to our engineering org and was instrumental in our 2020 hiring and HR strategy.

4/22/2020 Alyssa Irwin (she/her) , RealSelf , Software Development Manager

Alyssa is a deeply technical leader who has the rare gift of understanding how to lead and grow both people and products. I managed Alyssa directly at RealSelf, and her teams were some of the most healthy and productive teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of supporting. Alyssa digs deep and truly exemplifies what it means to own and support a business area. She continually invests in her teams’ (and her own) growth, and instills accountability in those around her. Though I supported her for less than a year, her continual growth as a company leader was quite impressive, and her teams thrived. You want Alyssa on your leadership team. Alyssa was instrumental in forming our development processes and ensuring our technical design vetting process led to extremely high levels of quality in our products. She successfully trained and mentored engineers at all levels, and her industry knowledge and insightfulness into our business made her a crucial leader and leadership partner across all organizations at RealSelf. I highly recommend Alyssa for any technology leadership position, and would jump at the opportunity to work with her again. She will improve your teams, and your organization greatly. Alyssa is a leader you can trust with the success of your business.

12/18/2019 Oran Mossop, PMI-ACP, PSM , Avvo , Technical Project Manager

Oran Mossop is a dynamic, talented technical program manager. I hired Oran directly, and was immediately impressed by his technical chops and ability to speak truth to power. His growth-oriented mindset and extreme work ethic allowed him to ramp-up quickly and take on major projects across the company and sister businesses. I am confident that Oran will continue to be a truly successful product and organizational leader, and his executive potential is clear. I highly recommend Oran for any technical program management, program management, or product management role. I know hell impress you, and help push your teams to be their best.

11/5/2019 Sankari Danesh , Homesite Insurance , BigData engineer

Sankari Danesh is a brilliant data architect. I had the pleasure of working with Sankari for three years at Avvo, and I can attest to the massive impact she had during her tenure. Sankari has that rare quality that the best architects share, forward thinking. It’s not enough to build a data lake or data transform pipeline, there’s the ever-present question of what your data can do for your business, and how it can transform your decision making. Sankari understands this in a meaningful way, and her design decisions provided great insight (and even saved us during a couple of production disasters.) During my time working with Sankari, I was continually impressed by her fearlessness and willingness to speak truth to power. Coupled with her continual growth as a leader and data architect, she had a massive impact on our culture and teams. Sankari is always improving, and always helping her team improve their skillset. Though Avvo went through massive changes during those three years, Sankari was there to help us through it all, acting as a company-wide subject matter expert on our data processes. She greatly improved the quality of our data and data insights, and acted as a bridge to those insights throughout the company. She was often called upon by our c-level leadership to provide recommendations and market insight, and Avvo would not have been as successful without her guiding our data initiatives. Her insights and integrity are world-class, and she built trust across partner businesses and departments alike. I also greatly value Sankari as a future engineering leader, and worked with her directly in the areas of leadership training and organizational management. It is easy to rally around Sankari, as she mentors and grows the teams around her, and you could build a world class data organization around her leadership. I highly recommend Sankari for any data engineering, engineering leadership, or team leadership position, and know she’ll be greatly successful in your organization, as she was in mine.

8/5/2019 Kevin Goldsmith , Unit Circle Media , Owner

I reported directly to Kevin for much of my time at Avvo, and am thankful for it. He led a very successful cultural transformation at Avvo, teaching us how to thrive and create an environment that values continuous delivery, iterative improvement, and sustained growth. Kevin brings with him a wealth of industry connections, knowledge, and goodwill. He is quick to give opportunity to those around him, and he sets clear expectations of accountability and improvement. Working with Kevin will challenge you to become a better leader and engineer, and you’ll look back on your time in his organizations with pride. I highly recommend Kevin as your company leader. He won’t just lead your organization to success, he’ll instill the tools for success within the DNA of your company.

5/24/2019 Rebecca Young , Avvo , Senior Manager, Data and Analytics

Rebecca Young is a talented executive with leadership vision, one of the best I’ve ever worked with. When I first met Rebecca, she was one of our best BI analysts. I and the rest of the leadership team absolutely depended on her insights into our business. Rebecca was providing more than just data insights and governance. Rebecca was also facilitating major project initiatives. She was managing and hiring for her team and company leadership. She helped to steer the direction of the business in a major way. It was clear to all of us that Rebecca was doing far more for our business than one could possibly expect from an individual contributor. So, we crafted a leadership role for Rebecca as a technical program manager and department lead. She became the cornerstone of our TPM org, as well as the lead of all data initiatives across ours and our sister companies. Since that time, we have tripled the size of the TPM org, quadrupled Rebecca’s reporting org, and fundamentally transformed our business. I know with certainty that transformation couldn’t have happened without Rebecca. During my time at Avvo I absolutely relied on her, and I consider myself extremely fortunate for having had the opportunity to learn from her. Rebecca is that rare leader who is both an absolute expert in her field, and a phenom at company leadership. When I left my role as Director of Engineering, I transferred many of my executive responsibilities to Rebecca. She is a departmental manager that has always impressed me to an extreme degree, and I know she’ll continue to be an amazing company leader. I highly recommend Rebecca for any executive or principal level role, and I know from experience you can build a billion-dollar company around her.

5/22/2019 Michael Garvais , Avvo , Scrum Master | Quality Assurance Lead | (acquired by Internet Brands March 2018)

Michael Garvais is a leader. During the years I’ve been working with Michael, he’s been a company scrummaster, TPM, QA manager, SEO manager, and project lead. You can count on Michael to lead with a calm, experienced presence that inspires confidence in the team. As an executive, Michael is a gift and a joy to work with. He builds connections across all departments, has a wealth of experience, and knows how to lead even during the toughest scenarios. Michael is that rare type of scrummaster that actually believes in agile. He invests in teaching others new techniques for agile leadership, and he builds up those around him. He’s also been a rock for his teams over the years, ever steady, guiding them towards more healthy processes and performant sprints (for those teams that he works with doing sprints, he also current leads a kanban style team.) In my years as director, I have leaned heavily on Michael. He’s been a friend, but more importantly he’s been a company leader I could count on to support his teams. I highly recommend Michael for any scrummaster, TPM, lead, or QA manager position, and I know he’ll lead tremendously.

5/22/2019 Sathyapriya Vembanan , Avvo , Senior Business Analyst

Sathyapriya Vembanan (Sathya) is a talented big data engineer, architect, and analyst. She works on the hardest, most important projects across our business and the parent company. Sathya is always learning, taking courses, reading books, working on projects, and over the years I’ve been amazed at just how much that has an effect on her projects and her team. She has a mastery of a wide range of fields, and her deep understanding of related disciplines (such as full stack development) ensures her work is robust and of the highest quality. Most importantly, Sathya was a vital and reliable colleague I could count on in the most high profile situations. Over the years I’ve seen the projects she’s been on transform our company. I highly recommend Sathya for any data, data architecture or engineering related role, and I know she’ll succeed tremendously.

5/20/2019 Rachel Pavilanis , Leafly , Software Engineer

Rachel Pavilanis is an extremely talented and hard-working full-stack engineer, mentor, and project lead. I was lucky enough to be leading the development organization when Rachel came in for her internship. Her growth was phenomenal, and even in those first six months I knew we had a top performer in the making. Her conversion to full time and permanent hire was an absolute no-brainer decision that has paid off significant dividends for her teams and the company at large over the years. Rachel is a rising star. Rachel is a mentor to her peers and a trusted engineer across all departments of our business. Shes one of the top performing engineers in the company, and is absolutely 100% reliable. If she is leading a team, they will deliver and with high quality. During this past year Rachel was 1/2 of the team which owned fully our most performant, largest traffic driving service (Q&A). After some team attrition, Rachel used her wealth of expertise and dynamite mentorship skills to cross-train her team on the Q&A services, what drives our SEO, our architectural history and all related code paradigms. If you are lucky enough to work with Rachel, youll never forget it. Youre going to learn something, and youre going to push yourself a bit harder. She inspires others in her team, and her leadership, and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to support her. I am confident that Rachel will become the cornerstone of any team she joins, and she is brimming with management and executive leadership potential. I highly recommend Rachel for any technical or management position, and I know shell improve your teams greatly, just as she has ours.

5/16/2019 Tim Kuhn , Avvo , Senior Software Engineer

Tim Kuhn is an extremely talented developer and leader with a wealth of experience. Hes also a major part of why Avvo is doing as well as it is today. As with most companies, Avvo is heavily dependent on Google SEO rankings, which are now weighted heavily towards speed and mobile-first methodologies. Tim did extensive personal research, brought it to the business, led a research team and made direct recommendations around improvements to our development methodologies and site architecture at the beginning of 2018. These improvements are still being actively developed and released by our teams, as they have continually provided the single greatest lift to our rankings that Avvo has ever achieved. Tim is not just a leader for his projects, he is a mentor for others and someone I rely on day to day. He and I are actively engaged in a leadership book club, and our 1:1 meetings are often active debates on leadership style and company direction. My time with Tim has made me a better leader, and a happier one. Tim has that rare quality of having both a great depth of knowledge and a wide breadth of experience, and you can bring to him whatever kind of problem you have today and hell help you or a team execute on it. I often pair him with developers and executives across departments as I can trust Tim to mentor and support anyone, no matter their level or department. I highly recommend Tim Kuhn for any management or architectural position within a technology org, I know hell quickly become a cornerstone of your organization.

5/16/2019 Ali Rizvi , Avvo , Dev Lead & Manager

Ali Rizvi is a leader and executive whom I and Avvo leadership absolutely depend upon. When I first hired Ali, he was an extremely senior engineer with plenty of team lead experience. My first question to him during our interview was simply: "Why didnt you apply to the open management position?" His honest response impressed me, "I want to understand a team and earn their respect before I consider leading." Our interview continued, and Ali continued to impress me with his leadership style and wealth of experience. We quickly brought him on, and he quickly came up to speed. Its not just that Ali was one of our most senior rails devs, he has a passion for helping people to improve in their careers, and helping a team succeed. He speaks truth to power, and builds lasting bonds with the teams he mentors and leads. After six months of helping the team to improve, we promoted Ali to management. This past year with Ali on my management team, Ive leaned on him heavily. His team has so completely improved its now the top performing team in the company. He has not stopped investing in his own growth either, and Ali has grown tremendously during his time in leadership. It will not be long before hes ready to take on a director-level position, and I cannot wait to see how far his talent and passion for supportive leadership will take him. Ali Rizvi is a talented and caring leader, and I highly recommend him for any management or leadership role within a technology org. He will challenge you and your teams to greatly improve, and give you the tools and support to do so. Youll be lucky to have him on your leadership team, and youll soon wonder how you ever made it so far without him.

5/13/2019 Rima Hiraoka , Pike13 , Full Stack Developer

Rima Hiraoka is an exceptional developer, teammate, and project leader. Though Avvo was her first full stack development position, you wouldn’t know it now. Over the course of her time here at Avvo, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of directly leading Rima and helping her grow her leadership skills. I cannot take any credit for her absolutely impressive technical progress, that is the result of her incredible work ethic and the strong bonds she forms with her teams. Rima is the kind of developer you want to pair with, no matter your level. You’re going to learn something, and you’re going to enjoy the process. She’s good at coaching and iterating towards a solution, and she eventually becomes the company expert on whatever system she touches. She’s not just hoarding that knowledge though, she shares it with her teammates and works hard to eliminate “islands of knowledge,” both through pair programming and direct mentorship. I depend on Rima greatly, as does her team. She helps new engineers onboard, spin up their environments, and get up to speed with our vast array of micro-services and methodologies. She pairs with engineers and helps them improve their base technical skills in our environment. She owns major services across departments and is a functional expert in far more areas than you would think possible for an engineer of her tenure. Rima is an investment that will pay immediate and long-term dividends for your organization. Today Rima is a dynamite engineer, soon she will be a dynamite senior engineer and team leader. I absolutely and strongly recommend Rima for any technical or project leadership related role, without hesitation. Mentoring Rima and supporting the leader and engineer she has become has been one of the most impactful, meaningful experiences of my long career. I am a better leader for having worked with Rima.

3/12/2019 Claire Schechter , Leafly , Software Engineer

Claire Schechter is an absolutely top-notch software engineer. Though Claire technically came on as an entry-level engineer, she took on complex multi-stage projects that extremely senior developers would struggle with. Over the years at Avvo, she grew to become one of our most talented and trusted engineers. She personally managed and delivered major projects across our technology stack, and by the end of her tenure at Avvo she fully owned our highest-performing, highest traffic service: Q&A. This involved projects across front-end, back-end, machine learning, containerization, google and amazon technologies, and much, much more. All the while she was a mentor and learning resource to her team, her mentees, and the development teams at large. Claires stakeholder management skills are top-notch, and she is excellent at technical architecture, both in the initial iteration phases and in the refinement and implementation stages. Her write-ups are great, truly informative technical documents, which both convey a wide depth of technical information and high-level summarization. Youre never in the dark as to where a major project is at, and if Claire is architecting you know it will be performant and maintainable. I was at times Claires direct supervisor, and she is an awesome person to work with and support. She is great at advocating for better designs and iterating to better architectural decisions, and this also carries over to her great leadership style. She is always looking out for her team and their growth, and I have personally seen her mentees grow tremendously. I truly relied on Claire to lead some of the most vital projects in a billion dollar company, and you can too. I highly, highly recommend Claire for any development, development lead, or technical lead / management role. I have no doubt shell impress you, and grow the surrounding team tremendously.

3/10/2019 Len Smith , Pike13 , Senior Full Stack Engineer

Len Smith is a rock solid senior developer, technical architect and mentor. You can trust him with pretty much any level of development, from huge multi-company integrations to production debugging to senior-level mentorship. During his time at Avvo, I managed Len directly. Hes exactly what you want from your best senior-level engineers: absolute talent, extreme reliability, and a very high degree of skills mastery across the board. During his time at Avvo, Len owned projects that crossed the gamut of front-end and back-end languages and paradigms. Not once did I worry about code that Len produced, he builds trust quickly and can own major systems with aplomb. Knowing Len is on a project will lower your stress level. Len was also a dynamite mentor and direct supervisor to one of our apprentices, successfully helping them to grow their skill-set and convert to a full-time position. He was an excellent teacher, pair programmer, and advocate. You can fully trust him to help grow your employees, theyll be well supported. I highly recommend Len for any senior-level software development, technical architecture, principal or engineering management role.

3/10/2019 Kaitlin Ramirez , Getty Images , Software Engineer

Kaitlin Ramirez is terrific. When I first hired Kaitlin as an intern two years ago, she was an exceptionally bright and hard-working developer fresh out of academy. Her determination and focus on team growth, skills mastery and project ownership make her an absolute joy to work with. When we converted Kaitlin to a full-time software engineering position a few months later, I had no doubt that she would continue to grow tremendously. She never let up, not for a moment. Kaitlin continued to grow her technical skills, taking on larger projects, major service integrations, refactors, production outages, and much, much more. Kaitlins positive attitude is infectious, making pair programming a blast. Shes also that excellent type of technical mentor that also learns with her fellow employees. She has stakeholder management skills I would expect from a very senior level engineer, and was often called out by department leaders (such as myself) and c-levels throughout Avvo. Kaitlin is a tremendous developer and an equally great employee. I have no doubt shell continue to grow her impressive development skill set, and improve any team shes working with. Working with Kaitlin has truly been a wonderful experience, and as her former manager I highly, highly recommend Kaitlin for your development organization. Shell quickly be one of your very best.

2/28/2019 Nicholas Tucker , Tableau Software , Sr. Agile Coach

Nic Tucker is an outstanding agile coach, technical product manager, and people leader. I first met Nic as an interviewer for his hiring loop. During this loop that I was immediately impressed, and Nic taught us all a new leadership facilitation technique. I didnt realize it at the time, but this was a normal day for Nic. Hes got an absolute wealth of experience and a seemingly infinite stack of leadership and facilitation techniques at his disposal. Hes also really fun to work with. Nic doesnt just teach an org a technique, he facilitates it in such a way that folks feel they are learning together with him. He embodies that form of true servant leadership, always looking to make the org a better, more efficient producer of customer impact. Hes also not afraid to push back on leadership, he quickly earns their respect through hard work, deep ownership, and an absolute mastery of the agile process. Nic is a people leader whom I greatly respect, and during the years I worked with Nic I leaned on him heavily. You can trust him to lead large multi-business unit projects with aplomb, and his ability to provide visibility and build better processes with organizations mean youll truly enjoy having him as a leader in your org. I highly, highly recommend Nic Tucker for any agile, technical management, or leadership related role.

2/20/2019 Greg Winn , Sprout Social, Inc. , Customer Development Account Executive

Though I had worked with Greg in different departments for a while, I truly met him during an outreach event we were hosting. Greg was onstage with a group of company leaders (myself included), talking about our leadership experiences, giving advice to that next generation of technologists. Everyone was impressed, and I started to learn more about Greg during our day to day interactions at work. Hes extremely hard working, a talented salesperson, and an up and coming people leader. Ive personally seen Greg diffuse difficult conversations between stakeholders in multiple departments. Hes always working to help his team, even across departments, and he builds connections and at times even acts as a translator between the engineering and sales worlds. I would heartily recommend Greg for a TPM, sales, or people management role. I know hell excel.

1/22/2019 Hannah Sindorf , Flyt , Software Developer / Technical Lead

Hannah Sindorf is a talented and growth-focused developer who impressed me greatly during her tenure at Avvo. Hannah was a fundamental part of our websites team, building websites for lawyers and their law offices. Her inquisitiveness and desire to grow her skillset are palpable, and she continues to grow tremendously as a technologist. Paired with her desire to help others and mentor folks, Hannah is a force to be reckoned with and a future leader. I highly recommend Hannah for any entry-level full-stack software development role, and I know shell excel and grow into a dynamite leader and architect. Hiring Hannah Sindorf today is an investment into the future of your business, one which I heartily support and know will pay serious dividends.

1/12/2019 Sarah Givens , Avvo , Associate Software Engineer

Sarah Givens is a talented web developer and team lead who has that rare talent of making everyone who works with her a little better. Shes a growth-focused manager, and Ive been impressed with the mentorship Ive seen from Sarah. Shes always learning, always improving her skills. Then she shares those skills and builds lasting relationships across departments. I moved her current department up two floors and adjacent to our data and infrastructure departments specifically due to Sarahs awesome collaborative leadership model, and its been phenomenal. I highly recommend Sarah for any customer service, web development, or related people management position.

1/12/2019 Christopher Spalding , FLEXE , Software Engineer II

Christopher Spalding is an extremely talented and hard-working engineer, a rare combination. Though he came to Avvo fairly early in his career, he already displayed qualities of leadership which impressed his team and his stakeholders. His technical knowledge and willingness to grow and teach what hes learned are top notch. I highly recommend Chris for any technical engineering position, additionally I believe he could be a dynamite team leader if given the opportunity.

10/23/2018 Kyle Leaders , Starbucks , Engineering Manager

Kyle Leaders is a talented and charismatic people leader and technologist. A true leader, he builds strong bonds with his team and the company at large, while still remaining an absolute expert in the field. I had the pleasure of working with Kyle for over two years, during which time he lead our infrastructure department to great success. I highly recommend Kyle for any technical or departmental leadership position, and value his skillset and leadership tremendously.

10/8/2018 Harry Tran, Director HR , Samsung Electronics America , Director HRBP & Employment Practices

Harry Tran is a courteous, professional HR leader with the experience and skills to lead major HR organizations. Harry was the HR leader for the engineering department at Avvo, and I worked closely with him during his leadership tenure at Avvo. It was always a pleasure, hes got a wealth of experience as an HR leader, and as an executive. He is creative, always looking for new ways to help an org grow and prosper, and fun to work with. He took on major responsibilities outside of the scope of his initial role, and was instrumental in our success during a critical transition for the company. I would definitely work with Harry again, and recommend him to any organization looking for a seasoned HR leader who truly cares.

4/3/2018 Anil Kulkarni , Facebook , Software Engineer

Anil Kulkarni is a leader. From the first interview with him, it was apparent. Ive had the absolute pleasure of managing Anil directly for the past 6 months, he impresses me every day. Hes an expert (and extremely senior) full-stack software developer. He mentors his peers on both front-end development and back-end services. He creates and runs training courses for his peers, raising the skill levels of the teams he supports. Anil is an expert software architect. During his first three months at Avvo he completely up-leveled our authentication methodology, both through designing the architecture and training the org on best practices. Hes a helper, and a true servant leader. Ive paired him with innumerable engineers for mentorship and leadership guidance, and hes a leader you can trust. He brings both heart and accountability to his management relationships. Its not just his own work thats excellent, hes a true force multiplier for his team. Hes also passionate about social justice and helping others, leading efforts to help our community and others. Anil has impressed everyone he works with, and I heartily recommend him for any engineering leadership, architecture, or management position.

4/3/2018 Chuck Little CSM , Visa , Scrum Master

Ive worked with Charles (Chuck) Little for many years now. Hes one of the best QA engineers Ive ever worked with. He has that rare ability to find flaws in software quickly, if not immediately. Give him your app during an interview, and hell likely have it crashed or sending bug reports within a minute. Hes a fierce protector of the user experience, and of the end user. Anyone who is foolish enough to believe that their QA process can be completely automated has never worked with Chuck Little. He will change your thinking about testing, in the best possible way. He truly understands the software development lifecycle, and can lead a QA team to begin testing features far before they are complete. In fact, over the years we had Chuck lead QA efforts earlier and earlier in the development lifecycle, such that he was actually the driving force for many of our refinements. Chuck is also an expert (and certified) scrum master, and can take your team through an agile transformation. He was our mobile scrum master and lead QA for our mobile apps, and during his most recent tenure he drove the QA process for numerous teams. He also pushed for agility and an MVP mindset, while still remaining true to our customers. Our CEO and recruiting team would often send Chuck to industry and recruiting events, both to represent our company and to recruit new hires. Hes an extremely talented salesperson, one who can lead product development, interview actual consumers and bring their feedback into the product. He builds customer relationships, and numerous times fielded high-profile issues with our top clients. If given the support, he will become the face of your business and bring in revenue, new customers, and industry respect. If you have Chuck Littles seal of approval on your release, you can be sure you have a quality product. Our last mobile product had zero reported issues for the first year of release. This is with tens of thousands of active daily customers interacting, messaging, and enjoying our mobile product. Chuck Little will impress you. He is a businessperson and leader who has truly earned the respect of his peers and executive leaders. I highly recommend him for any scrum master, QA manager, or startup founder role.

3/21/2018 John Fearnside , Adobe , Senior Computer Scientist

John Fearnside is extremely talented. I was lucky enough to have John as a direct report for over a year, and he is a world class full-stack developer, systems architect, and all around computer scientist. Just as importantly, he’s a world-class mentor. He raises the skills of those around him, and he actively partners with junior developers to mentor and train them. He is the rare individual that leaves every code base looking a little better for his having been there. He’s created and facilitated training courses, best practices, and production code bases with millions of users. He championed and helped to lead our developers through our agile and micro-services migrations, and he’s an expert on innumerable languages, systems, and architectural paradigms. I highly recommend John for any technical, architectural, or technical leadership position.

3/20/2018 Larelynne Abando , ZT Systems , Administrative Assistant, Platform Engineering Team

Larelynne (Lynne) Abando is a fantastic administrator, event planner, and people leader. I had the pleasure of pairing with Lynne at Avvo for innumerable company events, leadership functions, and process improvement initiatives. Lynne is extremely talented, with high throughput and quality. She can juggle complex executive schedules with aplomb. I could count on Lynne as a people leader, mentor, and dynamite executive administrator. Her attention to detail, work ethic, and emotional intelligence are absolutely best in class. I highly recommend Lynne for any admin, leadership, or people management role.

3/20/2018 Paul Liu , Nordstrom , Software Engineer II

Paul Liu is a talented and extremely hard-working developer. I met Paul through one of our meet-up events for developers, and he immediately impressed our team with his intelligence and great attitude. As soon as we had headcount, we pulled him in for an interview, which he absolutely aced. Pauls tenure in my org was a whirlwind of growth, continued delivery, and an ever-increasing positive impact to our business. Hes a true talent, a hard worker, and a dynamite developer. I highly recommend Paul, and I know that regardless of the scope of the project, hell deliver it successfully, professionally, and with aplomb.

3/16/2018 Seth McEvoy , Microsoft , Senior Technical Writer

Seth McEvoy is one of the most talented writers, engineers, and low-level systems developers that Ive ever had the pleasure of working with. From the minute I interviewed him, I knew his was a rare talent. He doesnt just write documentation, he understands the code. Writes the code. Documents and helps guide architecture. Hes been closely involved with some of the most complex projects in our history, and I dont think theres any project size that is beyond his scope. Seth is an absolute talent, and I highly recommend him to any company looking for a world-class tech writer, a world-class technologist, and a world-class person.

1/31/2018 Lisette Ruiz , Avvo , Software Development Intern

Lisette is a talented and hard working computer scientist. I had the pleasure of leading R&D during her internship, and she impressed the hell out of me and her team. Though it was her first software development role, you wouldnt have known that. Lisettes acumen, business sense, and dedication to helping others shines through every part of her work. She quickly learns new technologies, programming languages, and software stacks. It wasnt long before we though of her as just another talented developer on a team of senior engineers; rare praise for an engineer one year into their career. I know that Lisette will add tremendous value to any development team she joins, and I highly recommend her for any software development or software development related position. Lisette is a true joy to work with, a future leader in the field, and a developer I truly respect.

11/5/2017 Schwieterman, Marc , Marc Schwieterman Software, LLC , Owner

I had the pleasure of managing Marc directly for over a year. During that time he completely re-wrote our main iOS application, and drove development of new features on all applications. His absolute level of skill as an iOS developer is top notch, hes absolutely one of the best and most senior iOS developers Ive ever had the pleasure of working with. His architecture and agile skills are world class. Hes an excellent mentor to other developers, directly managed our last intern, and is a leader. I highly recommend Marc for any mobile, full stack, or leadership related role, and I know he will outperform what you thought was excellent.

11/5/2017 Jerica Wilson , Lyft , iOS Engineer

I had the pleasure of managing Jerica directly for over a year. During that time she took on innumerable initiatives, drove development of new features and products, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her absolute level of skill as an iOS developer is top notch, she is absolutely one of the best and most senior iOS developers Ive ever had the pleasure of working with. Her business acumen and attention to detail are both excellent. Shes an excellent mentor to other developers, and a leader both within and outside the codebase. I highly recommend Jerica for any advanced iOS or leadership related role, and I know shell exceed all expectations.

8/29/2017 Jason Kim , Blokable, Inc. , Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect

Jason Kim is a talented software architect, full stack developer, and manager. His dedication and drive to succeed are tempered by the deep interpersonal connections he builds with his team and management. I saw Jason grow into the leader he is today, and I heartily recommend him for any technology leadership position.

8/29/2017 Carly Landers , Microsoft , UX Researcher II

Carly Landers is a talented user researcher. I had the pleasure of working with Carly at Avvo, and her teams insights were a boon to our organization. Though she was an intern, her skill and acumen were such that youd hardly know it. I highly recommend Carly to any organization seeking a talented user researcher with a wealth of growth potential.

5/30/2017 Sophia Robinson , Unify Consulting , Senior Consultant - Data Science & Analytics

Sophia is a talented and insightful analyst and data wizard. She conjures reports and gleans insights from mountains of disparate data. During my time working with Sophia these insights have been heavily utilized by our senior leadership team. Her talent, dedication, and unique perspectives on data make her invaluable. I highly recommend her for any complex analytical or senior data role.

4/11/2017 Minhye Kim , Google , Interaction Designer

Minhye is an exceptionally talented visual designer. Her professional style and attention to detail are apparent in every aspect of her design work. She holds the team to an exceptionally high bar of quality, and shes a true pleasure to work with. Creative and collaborative, talented and kind, Minhye makes quick work of tough problems and ideation a joy. When we were working together on mobile designs I was constantly impressed, and her work on web and branding is outstanding. I highly recommend Minhye for any design or design director position, and greatly hope I can work with her again.

4/3/2017 Meghan Ruff , PitchBook Data , Commission Analyst

Meghan Ruff is a talented and gregarious content acquisition specialist. Her laser focus and customer-oriented mindset mean shes a top performer. Shes also one of the most pleasant and knowledgable people Ive had the pleasure of working with. Meghan regularly goes above and beyond to help the organization as a whole, regardless of title or scope of responsibilities. Truly a team player with the best interests of the company at heart, I heartily and easily recommend Meghan for any customer or team focused position.

3/30/2017 Jeannie Carter , Fiserv , Litigation Clerk

Jeannie Carter is a rarity: a servant leader with a high degree of technical prowess. I had the pleasure of working with Jeannie on management initiatives at Avvo. Her dedication to her team was a constant inspiration. Jeannie has a wealth of knowledge to bear, and her team had an incredibly high degree of psychological safety and drive. Shes not afraid to jump in and do the hard work with the team, all the while supporting them as a leader I highly recommend Jeannie as a people leader, technologist, and innovator.

3/12/2017 Thomas Mcelroy , , Software Development Manager

Thomas Mcelroy is a triple threat. When you hire Thomas, youre not just hiring a great dev manager. Youre hiring a passionate technologist and brilliant engineer, willing to jump in and work on the hard problems alongside the team. Youre hiring a forward-looking product manager, always asking the tough questions and driving the company towards sustainable future-oriented growth. Youre hiring a people manager who cares about his direct reports and wants them to be challenged and take on the big problems. I strongly recommend Thomas for any dev manager, individual contributor, or product oriented role. Regardless of title, hell bring the same passion, skill, and honest desire to improve the business that Ive been lucky enough to experience during my tenure with him.

3/10/2017 Skyler Parr , HelloSign , Senior Software Engineer

Skyler Parr is a leader. Working with Skyler at Avvo was an absolute pleasure. Skyler is a hands-on manager, who involves himself in the day to day lives of his team without micromanaging. Hes a servant-leader in the best possible way, and his passion and talent for software engineering are infectious. His direct reports have grown significantly under his leadership, and Im confident hes permanently improved their careers for having worked with him. Id heartily and easily recommend Skyler for a senior leadership or advanced architecture position in an engineering organization.

10/14/2016 Ed Smith , Hiya Inc. , Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Ed Smith is a talented, hard working, and dedicated software tester. When I first started working with Ed 5 years ago, he was one of the best senior QA Id ever worked with. Over the course of the next 5 years, I saw Ed take on larger and more complex integration projects spanning tens of millions of dollars. Ed was in charge of the entirety of the end to end testing, a gargantuan task, and he excelled at it. A couple of years back, Ed began transitioning into the role of a senior SDET. He mastered Java, automated thousands of formerly manual tests, and has helped to lead the rest of the company QA into a new world of software testing. I easily and heartily recommend Ed to any senior or management level SDET or QA role, and guarantee his directness, vast amounts of experience, and willingness to pivot and learn will impress and lead your company to success.

7/13/2016 Cynthia Ward , Remitly , App Release Manager

Cindy is one of the best senior project managers I have ever worked with. I have had the absolute pleasure of working on a team with Cindy for many years, and have seen her bring numerous projects and initiatives into completion, on time and under budget. Developers working with Cindy have an ineffable advocate, an unfailing ally, and a trusted confidant. Her teams become resource efficient, happy powerhouses of software development. She is a SCRUM and Agile expert, and uses her significant skill set to train and mentor other PGMs and improve processes company wide. She can tease out velocity reports and management accounting from reporting tools like no other, and her skills in Rally and other agile platforms are top notch. I can easily recommend Cindy for any senior project manager, SCRUMM master, or engineering management position, and am confident she will quickly integrate and become absolutely indispensable to said company. Cindy is absolutely top notch.

7/11/2016 Sarah Sutton , Microsoft , User Experience Designer

Sarah is a hard working and talented designer, and the past four years have been an absolute pleasure working with her. She turned around entire design projects in extremely tight timeframes. Her designs and visual artifacts are of the highest quality, her turnaround is quick, and her designer-developer interactions are painless and efficient. I always made a point to include Sarah in our external partner design interactions, as her input has been invaluable on numerous product integrations and white label projects. I heartily recommend Sarah for any design or lead design related position, and I truly hope that we can work together again in the future.

11/24/2015 Anu Tripathi , Expedia Group , Sr Technical Program Manager, eCommerce Platform(Expedia Global Payments)

Anu is a talented program manager who brings her wealth of experience onto any project she is leading. When the need arises to work with her team, I can look forward to an efficient and productive cross-team interaction. I highly recommend Anu to any organization seeking a talented and self-directing program manager.

3/19/2015 Mustafa Muwwakil , Rosetta Stone , SR UX/UI Design Manager

Mustafa is a world class designer, design manager, and product lead. His designs have vision, and when he’s leading a team they execute his vision flawlessly. I have had the pleasure of working with Mustafa for over 3 years and in that time I’ve seen him generate innumerable designs of the highest caliber. Always a pleasure to work with, I would heartily recommend Mustafa for any design lead, co-founder, or senior product design/vision position.

7/10/2014 Chuck Little CSM , Visa , Scrum Master

Chuck little is one of the best test engineers Ive had the pleasure of working with. I can think of numerous occasions where in the heat of a serious emergency investigation Chuck kept a calm head and helped track down the issue before it got out of hand. Without him, many of our launches could have been very rocky. His over the top dedication to quality and customer satisfaction extends to all aspects of his work. Bugs have no place to hide when Chuck is running an investigation. Chucks dedication to customer interaction and retainment has kept our play store reviews on the rise. If you could receive an oscar for customer service, Chuck should. Chuck is also quite skilled at training other test engineers, and when a new employee needs to come up to speed he is the specialist to go to. As such, the time I spent as a developer working with Chuck has been quite enjoyable, and free from developer/qa strife. His exemplary work ethic and positive attitude are a constant reminder that test engineers are not expendables, but highly valued bug assassins that are the heart of what keeps a product staying alive. Even when your competitors have drawn first blood and youre rushing through a cliffhanger release, Chuck is there to see it through. I recall one release specifically that had our QA team up till the daylight trying to ship a new version on time. Chuck was our main QA on hand for that release, and he saw it through. Our overseas colleagues were so impressed it turned our morning meetings from a grudge match to a rhinestone encrusted paradise alley. I would heartily and strongly recommend Chuck for any senior or lead test engineering position. He is a smart, driven individual thats a pleasure to work with.

6/27/2014 Tony Fearnley , Freelance worker , Contract Senior Technical Writer

Tony is the best technical writer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Before he joined SNT, I had assumed technical writers were only ancillary to the process of creating production grade software. Tony completely changed that opinion. All of a sudden our product manuals became one of our main selling points. We actually had documentation and coverage for our features. He could take the ugliest white-paper and (using Framemaker / Captivate) turn that information into a gloriously user-friendly chapter in our product manual. I would heartily recommend Tony for any advanced technical writing position or documentation / documentation management role. Highly recommended.

11/12/2013 Shawn Chamberlain , SWAT Systems , Systems Administrator

Though I had the pleasure of working with Shawn for less than one year, his technical ability, people skills, and general "getting things done, the right way" attitude left a lasting impression on me. My position is such that I often need to make odd demands on our IT staff. A rare piece of ram, an esoteric cable, a strange piece of un-released hardware that is needed for a top-secret project Im not allowed to talk about. Many times I would come to Shawn directly with my requests, and he always knew exactly what to do, where to buy it, who to requisition it from, what software needed installed. Shawn is a highly skilled and personable IT tech that any organization would count itself quite successful if they hired him. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgable, friendly, hard working and genuinely excellent IT professional.

10/3/2013 Jennifer Ingram , Mealthy , Freelance Project Manager

Jennifer is an absolute top tier program manager. Her dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of program management are stellar. Her expertise and years of experience managing the most demanding developers in the industry make her an invaluable member of any executive or development team. Early on at Rhapsody, Jennifer was my program manager. Thats a large part of why Im still there today. Jennifer helped set me down the path Im on today and she reminded me how important having an excellent leader on your team can be. She becomes invaluable to every team she leads. Long after she managed my projects I still sought her out for guidance. An absolute joy to work with, Jennifer is a respected colleague I recommend very highly.

3/8/2013 Tarun Bhatia , Boeing , Senior Supply Chain Manager

In the year that Ive worked with Tarun, Ive been constantly impressed by both his breath of knowledge and his dedication to the craft. As hard as it is to find good programmers, its doubly hard to find a good test lead. Tarun can excel at both. He is always improving his skillset as well as the robustness of our automated test system (which he implemented). Hes always one step ahead of any issues that arise, and keeps us on the cutting edge of automated testing (which is a HUGE concern for mobile development). I highly recommend Taruns work, and am confident he will exceed expectations wherever he goes.

5/29/2012 Jontelle Leyson-Smith , Facebook , Diversity Program Manager

Jontelle is an incredibly resourceful and personable recruiter and has a terrific eye for talent. She made the entire hiring process as painless as possible and is a joy to work with. These are rare qualities that sadly are becoming rarer in our industry, and I would welcome the chance to work with Jontelle again. Without her, I would certainly have never found my current position, and I would gladly recommend Jontelle to even the most elite of HR departments.

3/13/2012 Heena Rastogi , Amazon , Software Engineering Manager

Heena is a bright and terrifically motivated computer scientist and mobile programmer. A pleasure to work with, Heena quickly becomes integral to whatever team she is leading. Her passion for the job shines through her work, which is of terrific quality. I personally ported a number of Heenas algorithms between mobile platforms and it was always a relief working with her codebase. Her code is concise when appropriate, encapsulates platform-specific functionality well, is a breeze to integrate with external SDKs, and is tactfully commented. She is hip to the newest technologies and paradigms, and is a always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to upcoming heavy hitting technology. She would make a terrific mobile product architect or technical cofounder, and I highly recommend her and her work.

2/29/2012 Katherine Soldevilla , Self Employed , Freelance Illustrator and Visual Development Artist

Katherine (Kate) Soldevilla is a creative and hardworking designer, and a talented iconist. Though she was only an intern at the time, Kate was instrumental in the creation of numerous client pitches, design UI/UX sketches, user avatars and icons, and web related graphical assets. She single handedly created all assets used in at least one client contract, and her work is of the highest quality. I would heartily recommend Kate for any design or digital media based institution, no matter the size.

2/21/2012 Chris Lavender , ADP , Senior Director, Application Development

Chris is an incredibly bright, dedicated developer, team leader, and software architect. He quickly grasps the most difficult concepts, untangles the most spaghetti of source code, and is a terrific pleasure to work with. During his tenure as the iOS team lead at Miso his proficiency and architecture allowed the team to stabilize and grow the software immensely. Hes also a talented musician, and he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience that was vital to the continued success of our music based products. I heartily recommend Chris for any mobile team lead or iOS software architect position, and he would also make a terrific technical co-founder for a lucky start-up.

2/12/2012 Adam Scherer , K.E.Y.S. , Music Instructor

Adam is an extremely talented musician and arranger, and I hold his work in the highest regard. His arrangements are top notch and always wow our clients, who happen to be some of the largest music companies in the world. His arranged pieces contains that subtle excellence that the most talented musicians strive for. He has the rare ability to be productive both remotely and in the office. He has an incredible depth of musical knowledge, and hes a great pleasure to work with. He was instrumental on the set of our most recent television commercial. In one instance when our musical instructor was out, Adam stepped in with no prior notice and was an amazing instructor. He is constantly surpassing our expectations while producing amazing work, whether its arranging ragtime banjo, classical gospel guitar, or modern bass rhythms. The scope of his musical abilities is beyond impressive, and I cannot envision a position involving the musical arts that Adam would not excel at. I highly recommend him without reservation.

1/24/2012 Tils Kneepkens , Passive , Personal Projects

Tilman is a creative and hard working recruiter that makes the job process as painless as possible.

1/11/2011 Richard Meyer , Google , Software Engineer

At various times during my employment with Rich he was my supervisor, my supervisors supervisor, and supervisor of all my immediate coworkers. For the three continuous years in which I interacted extensively with Rich he was the brightest and most talented of all employees, and well deserving of his position in charge of everything technical in the company. I learned a great deal about what goes on at the upper levels of technical management from Rich, and I credit my continued success to his mentoring in this regard. Likewise I learned a great deal about the innermost machinations and the intricateness of discrete event simulators from Rich, and I credit my knowledge in that area to him as well. Rich is the kind of leader that will leave you working harder than you ever did before just to catch up to where he was yesterday. While he doesnt need my recommendation any more than he needs a book on programming, I give it gladly.

4/8/2010 Ha Duong , SCALABLE Network Technologies , Principal Software Engineer

Ha is a talented, experienced, and quite advanced scientist and network engineer. I have worked on projects with Ha where he was the tech lead, and I am always immediately impressed by the breath and depth of his knowledge. He is a consummate professional, extremely hard working, and delivers results. I have never had a technical question that Ha couldnt answer, and hes a joy to work with on a team. An easy and strong fit for any advanced technical position, and an easy recommendation.

3/28/2010 Smitha Cauligi , Amazon , Senior Software Engineer

From the day we hired Smitha her value to the company has only continued to dramatically rise. From leading teams and mentoring employees to spearheading new features, Smitha is never afraid to jump into a problem and fully own it. Smitha is a world class computer scientist who has shown great success and the ability to make a smart deadline with the difficult problems she is assigned. I would gladly and quite easily recommend Smitha for any technical or leadership position in the fields of computer science and networking.

3/16/2010 Unghee Lee , Scalable Network Technologies Inc , Chief Software Engineer

Unghee is an extremely talented computer scientist. I have worked with him across many teams, and there is no area in the company to which he does not lend his considerable talent. I would gladly recommend Unghee for any advanced technical or leadership position, though Im sure with his outstanding reputation preceding him it wont be necessary.

3/4/2010 Lucinda Brown , Wondros , Director of UX/UI Design

Lucinda is the driving force behind Scalable Networks marketing department. A consummate professional, she is creative and dedicated. One of the brightest and most talented marketers in Southern California, I have no qualms recommending her to even the largest, most difficult marketing or business challenges. A true gem.

3/4/2010 Raymond Liu , Freelance/Film Industry , Photographer

I have had the opportunity to work on teams adjacent to Raymond, as well as to work within his code base. He is a consummate professional, writing excellent code. I would heartily recommend him for any computer science or computer networking related position.

3/4/2010 Katie Kelly Russell , Compass / , Real Estate Agent

Katie is an exceptionally bright, creative marketer. Hard working and genial, she has excelled during her tenure at Scalable Networks. The quality of her work is exceptional, and it is clear she is the rising star of our marketing department. I can easily recommend Katie for any marketing, business, or advertising related position, confident she will excel and exceed expectations.

3/4/2010 Moiz Alam , Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Solutions Architect

I mentored Moiz from the start of his tenure at Scalable Networks. He is the epitome of what a fresh computer scientist should be. He is knowledgeable in a variety of areas, willing to learn, and hard working. It is clear to everyone he is a driven scientist whom success follows closely. I would heartily recommend him for any position in the field of computer science, especially in regard to hardware design, low level programming, and algorithmic development.

3/4/2010 Jiejun Kong , Turing Network Test L.L.C. , CTO

Jiejun (JJ) is an expert in the fields of computer networking, computer security, and computer science. As a project manager, he consistently delivers quality results and quality management. I would recommend JJ for any leadership or technical position within our field.

3/4/2010 Maneesh Varshney , LinkedIn , Senior Staff Software Engineer

Maneesh is a first class computer scientist. As a team lead for some of our most advanced products, he excels in all aspects of technical and leadership ability. An easy recommendation for any computer science, networking, or leadership role.

3/4/2010 Kaixin Xu , Cisco , Software Development Manager

Kaixin is an experienced and bright computer scientist. I worked with Kaixin on a number of projects, and he was always extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Kaixin is an easy recommendation for any advanced technical or leadership position in the fields of computer science or computer networking.

3/4/2010 Corey Worrell , Western Digital , Principal Engineer (Web Development/Data Analytics)

Corey Worrell is an excellent and hard working computer scientist. He started at Scalable Networks as an intern, and immediately impressed me. Since then his considerable skills have only risen, and I can easily recommend him for any advanced technical position.

3/4/2010 Jeff Weaver , Scalable Network Technologies , Vice President of Engineering

Jeff Weaver is the smartest scientist in a room full of brilliant scientists. I have had the pleasure of working alongside both him and his source code, and both are of top quality. I can easily recommend Jeff for any advanced technical position in and computer science or networking related field.

3/4/2010 Xuyang Wang , Cisco CSPG , Technical Lead

Xuyang is an exceptionally bright computer scientist and networking specialist. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Xuyang on a number of projects, as well as working with his developed code base. Both are a pleasure to work with. I can easily recommend Xuyang for any advanced technical position.

3/4/2010 Cedra Stokes , CedraAgency , Real Estate Broker

Cedra is the most on the ball administrator and hr manager I have had the pleasure of working with. She is knowledgeable in all facets of office management, and she excels in handling many parallel tasks simultaneously. I can easily recommend Cedra for any position related to business administration or human resources.

3/4/2010 Vivek Srivastava , Workday , Manager Product Management

Vivek is an exceptionally bright and talented computer scientist. I have worked with Vivek on a number of commercial and military products, and he excels at both. It is clear hes a rising star in our field, and his contributions to SNTs product line is weighty. I heartily recommend Vivek for any advanced position in the fields of computer science and computer networking.

3/4/2010 Jigar Shah , Valtix , Senior Director of Product Management

Jigar is the driving force behind marketing and product development at SNT. It is immediately apparent to all who work with Jigar the weight and knowledge behind his decisions. He is knowledgeable both in the marketing and the computer science/networking worlds, and excels at both. I easily recommend Jigar for any advanced business, marketing, or computer networking related position.

3/4/2010 Navin Jain, CSM , UnitedHealth Group , Director Software Engineering

Navin is an advanced computer scientist and business professional at the top of his game. I personally shared an office with Navin in 2007, and was constantly impressed by his technical knowledge and business acumen. I can easily recommend Navin for any advanced computer science, business management, or computer networking related position.

3/4/2010 Sheetal Doshi , NortonLifeLock , Technical Director

I had the pleasure of working with Sheetal on a military project in early 2010. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and acumen. He is the driving force behind many projects at SNT, and is quite well known in the military community as well. Sheetal is a big name thats going places, and is an easy recommendation for any advanced position in computer science, computer networks, or military simulation fields.

3/4/2010 Mark Christensen , Discursive Labs , Head of Product Development

I met Mark in grad school and was immediately impressed. When SNT asked if I knew any "genius-level" computer scientists, I immediately recommended Mark. He was almost immediately hired. Theres little if nothing in the field of computer science that can stump him. I would easily recommend Mark for any advanced position related to Computer Science.

3/4/2010 Feng (Amy) Chen , Morgan Stanley , VP Analytics Developer

Amy is a hard working and knowledgeable computer scientist. Since starting here at SNT her impressive technical abilities have continued to rise. She is also quite expert in the field of computer networking. I would recommend Amy for any position in the fields of computer science or computer networking.

3/4/2010 Brian Chapman , NBC News , IT Support Analyst, Client Services

Brian is a hard working and knowledgeable desktop technician. He is constantly learning new technologies and methodologies, and is quite helpful no matter what troubles arise. I recommend Brian, and believe he would have no trouble handling troubles at even the largest of corporate help desks.

3/4/2010 Olga Braverman , UFA, Inc. , Program Manager

Olga is one of the best team leads I have ever worked with. Her team is one of the best at the company, and its because of Olgas strong and knowledgeable leadership. Olga is the best kind of manager, empowering and imparting wisdom to those who report to her. I would heartily recommend Olga for any leadership or advanced technical position in the fields of computer science and networking.

3/4/2010 Aishwarya Anantharamakrishnan , Google , Software Engineer

Aishwarya is a hard working and extremely bright computer scientist. I have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of projects at SNT, and she is always knowledgeable and fully cognizant of design and algorithmic issues which may arise. Id easily recommend Aishwarya for any advanced position in the fields of computer science and networking.

3/4/2010 Scott Albertine , EverQuote , Senior Engineer II

I met Scott through my popular website. I had reverse engineered a protocol specification, and Scott ended up sending me a very well written C implementation. I havent been as impressed with a student in a long time. Scott Albertine is going places, and Id be happy to recommend him for any position in the field of computer science.

3/4/2010 Byron Salvatierra , Revolutionary Security ( , Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

Byron is a consummate professional. Knowledgeable and hard working, he is the glue that holds the IT staff together at SNT. He is also an excellent manager in that regard, and an experienced team lead. I would recommend Byron for any IT or computer forensics related position, and believe he would excel at any given position.

6/29/2009 Kevin Emmons , Interactive Intelligence , Software Engineer

Kevin Emmons is a pleasure to work with. He thinks about design and future proofing for his code, follows good practices, and is always improving his algorithms and learning the new software paradigms. I would recommend him for any software engineering position, especially in the realm of graphics and user interface.

2/19/2009 Sara Panozzo , ,

I commissioned Sara to do a number of pieces of artwork for a project I was working on. They were of the utmost quality, and very creative. Sara is a true artist, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking to commission a piece or graphic design work.

2/18/2009 Rick Deskins , Thermwood Corporation , Senior Software Engineer

I recommended Rick for his position and Thermwood. He is the best thing that ever happened to Thermwood. He is a tireless worker, producing code of the utmost quality. He is not phased by complex or large projects, and indeed thrives in such environments. I would recommend Rick for any Computer Science or Lead Programmer/Management position, he is more than qualified.

2/16/2009 Justin Kirk , One Technologies , Infrastructure Architect

Justin Kirk is invaluable. His knowledge of systems and software is near limitless, both in its scope and its ability to impress. Having Justin on a cross-departmental team can potentially save you weeks of time and headache from hurdles you may not even realize existed. I would highly recommend Justin for any advanced technical or management position.

2/16/2009 Adam Ferguson , Freelance Developer , Software Engineer

Adam Ferguson is an excellent programmer and entrepreneur. While working full time towards his degree in CS, he also managed to open up the most successful web design firm in southern Indiana. I have partnered with Adam on many CS related projects and he is a scientist (and businessperson) of high caliber. I would heartily recommend Adam for any computer science or business related position without hesitation.

2/16/2009 Adam Ferguson , Freelance Developer , Software Engineer

Adam Ferguson is an excellent programmer and entrepreneur. While working full time towards his degree in CS, he also managed to open up the most successful web design firm in southern Indiana. I have partnered with Adam on many CS related projects and he is a scientist (and businessperson) of high caliber. I would heartily recommend Adam for any computer science or business related position without hesitation.

2/5/2009 Marilyn Comstock , Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery , Bartender/Trainer

I have personally known Marilyn for well over 15 years. She is a superlative server, attentive and prompt. She radiates integrity and quality of service, and is always a favorite. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone wishing for a friendly face and amazing service.

2/5/2009 Larisse Voufo , Google , Software Engineer

Larisse is an excellent and proficient computer scientist. She excelled at the most advanced courses offered, and was still able to assist others with their most difficult problems. A class act, and an obvious hire.

2/5/2009 Gilead Kutnick , ZIN Technologies, Inc. , Software Engineer

Gilead is the most advanced programmer I have ever met. Hands down. Just talk to him. Amazing. I cannot stress enough how proficient he is, or how experienced, or how respected. A company would be foolish not to hire him. First Class.

2/5/2009 Jason Kessler , Amazon Web Services , Research Engineer

Jason and I taught together during my first semester at University. I could not have been luckier. He is a top class computer scientist. His knowledge of lexical parsing and NLP is astounding and unparalleled. An excellent teacher, he is quick to share and obviously knowledgeable. The students were quite pleased as well. A definite "must hire".

2/5/2009 Mina Smith , Merrill Lynch , Financial Advisor

Mina was a hard working and dedicated student. She knew how to prepare, how to study, how to ace tests. The sort of person you want around when things get difficult. An excellent student and mentor.

2/5/2009 Renee Gannon , Make Unicorns Great Again , Principal

Renee Gannon is an explosion of creative potential. I am constantly floored by her design work for Redlight and Tastybaby. Not only does she have the technical ability, she possess that rare creative quality that infuses her work with that "wow" factor. An excellent hire.

2/5/2009 Ken Tang , UC Innovation , Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Ken Tang is a complete rarity in the business world. A manager who is also a skilled computer scientist, he could easily run the technical or business side of any corporate entity. His knowledge of the inner workings and history of our most advanced products is paralleled only by his business acumen and experience. An excellent and obvious "hire".

2/5/2009 Jesse Liesch , Google , Software Engineer

Jesse Liesch is the epitome of a senior computer scientist. He has been instrumental in the development of the company product, and it shows. Both his knowledge of the product itself and of the design process behind it are of the highest quality. I would heartily recommend Jesse as a senior computer scientist to any company that desires a technically robust and irrefutably sound product.

2/5/2009 David Rovani , BlueBolt , Senior Solutions Architect

David Rovani is both an experienced computer scientist, and an excellent leader. Constantly involved with the student community and numerous groups, he managed to be such an computer scientist as well as an ever-present community leader. Clearly has upper management potential.

2/5/2009 Graham Price , Keysight Technologies , Solution Software Developer

Graham Price is an excellent scientist and engineer. Although his position entailed a great deal of computer engineering, he was also a top computer scientist. He was as skilled a programmer as any other at the company, and was clearly a very big fish in a very small pond.

2/5/2009 Joseph Kendall-Morwick , Missouri Western State University , Assistant Professor

Joseph Kendall-Morwick is a devoted computer scientist, with a clarity that comes from years of research and study. Clearly a student of advanced skills and potential, Joseph has time and again proved himself to be an invaluable resource both for his employers and his colleagues. I would recommend Joey for any available position, as Im sure he would excel.

2/5/2009 Samantha Foley , University of Wisconsin-La Crosse , Assistant Professor

Samantha is an excellent teacher in the field of computer science. Her devotion to the field is palpable, as is her passion for excellence and equality in the field. An excellent instructor who clearly influenced many students, I would heartily recommend Samantha for any teaching position.