Recommendations Received

9/7/2019 Tim Kuhn , Avvo , Senior Software Engineer

I have been a senior software developer with Avvo for approximately two years. When I began working with Avvo, Hunter was the acting Director of Engineering. He was the Hiring Manager when I interviewed; I was immediately impressed with him both as a technical leader and as a sincere, caring person. Hunter was a uniting leader at Avvo. He encouraged all of us to find our place within the R&D teams, encouraging and enabling us to be our best. Hunter lead by mentoring and encouraging mentorship within the teams he was responsible for. Those of us who worked with him learned from him, enjoyed our time with him and became better technologists as well as better individuals. I have worked with numerous leaders during my eighteen years in technology, few have made such a positive difference in my life as Hunter. I look forward to the day when I have the opportunity to work with him again. He is a magnetic and personable leader; he would be a magnificent addition to any to any organization’s Senior Management team.

4/19/2019 Kyle Leaders , Starbucks , Engineering Manager

Hunter is a strong, people focused leader. In the years I worked with him, I saw him grow brand new engineers into solid, confident developers while building his organization as a whole. Hunter is also passionate about creating high performing Agile organizations. He was constantly encouraging his teams to improve their agile practice while he worked to on pragmatic ways to resolve organizational rough edges. His focus on personal growth and team engagement has really served him well at Avvo, and I would recommend him at any engineering organization.

3/15/2019 Schwieterman, Marc , Marc Schwieterman Software, LLC , Owner

I worked for Hunter for over a year, and I cant recommend him strongly enough. He is one of the rare people who is both technically deep and also excels at navigating interpersonal and political situations. Hunter really cares about his people, and he does a great job of balancing the needs of those that report to him with accomplishing broader company objectives. I saw him play a significant role in growing teams agile skills and introducing the company at large to new ways of thinking about product development, all while making time for one on ones and his team. I have been fortunate to work for several great managers over the years, and Hunter is amongst them, while also possessing a unique ability to really lead and inspire.

3/13/2019 Jerica Wilson , Lyft , iOS Engineer

Hunter was the best boss I ever had. He constantly unblocked me when I ran into roadblocks getting my work done, kept in touch with me, and knew how to stay out of my way as well so I could get my work done. On top of all this, he seemed to really care about my well being and individually, my future career. I hope someday I have another manager like that or even better, get to work for him again. I think it goes without saying that Id recommend him to any company seeking a professional leader in technology.

3/12/2019 Pavel Sorokin , Zillow , Software Development Manager

I can’t recommend Hunter strongly enough. He’s a rare technical leader that combines a strong technical background with an ability to lead, inspire, and grow teams and individuals. I have seen him work with with many, many folks, from interns to engineering managers, to set them up for success. At Avvo, he has nurtured and promoted two cohorts of successful engineering managers. Hunter has a way to align the company’s business goals with the individuals’ professional aspirations, ensuring a very high level of alignment and motivation, and as a result, a high retention rate in his teams. I’d say that most if not all people who have worked with Hunter would say they’ve learned a lot from him. Above all, Hunter is a very caring and ethical person, a true servant leader. For me, it was an absolute honor to work with him and learn from him.

3/12/2019 Chuck Little CSM , Visa , Scrum Master

I have worked with Hunter at both Rhapsody and Avvo and I can say that his absolute super power is that he listens. He listened at Avvo when no one else in management was and initiated profound change that can be felt in the company culture to this day. If you need help in establishing a healthier culture of mentoring and diverse inclusiveness Hunter is the leader for you. He also happens to be the best Android developer I have ever worked with so theres that!

2/20/2019 Greg Winn , Sprout Social, Inc. , Customer Development Account Executive

Hunter is an amazing Director of Engineering. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hunter on multiple projects over the last year, even though we are not in the same department. He always has a smile and is willing to give any assistance, no matter how busy he may be. He was instrumental in developing myself and countless others both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Hunter for any company looking to raise the bar of their technical team. His skills and professionalism make him an asset that any company would be lucky to have.

3/30/2013 Tarun Bhatia , Boeing , Senior Supply Chain Manager

Hunter is a team player who constantly raises the bar. He is always there to answer your questions or offer suggestions with a smile regardless of how busy he might be. His efforts in delivering a great product are equally appreciated. In a hyper competitive environment, he brings the entrepreneurial skills most companies like to see in their employees. He will be a great asset to any team.

3/7/2013 Katherine Soldevilla , Self Employed , Freelance Illustrator and Visual Development Artist

Hunter started at Miso Media the same day that i did. During my time there, his dedication, professional attitude, and ability to manage his time well never wavered. Despite his already impressive work experience, he is open to learn new things. He is definitely a team player and easy to work and get along with.

6/1/2012 Jontelle Leyson-Smith , Facebook , Diversity Program Manager

Hunter is incredibly sharp, bright, and a great communicator to boot. He instantly meshed well with his group and our organization as a whole. Hunters technical talents and creativity are well above average, and that combined with his easy-going personality make him an ideal coworker. Hooray for Hunter!

2/21/2012 Chris Lavender , ADP , Senior Director, Application Development

Hunter has a thorough understanding of complex concepts, but simultaneously can translate those concepts into plain speech. Hes been an extremely helpful colleague despite the fact that weve worked on separate development teams. These points combined with an easy to work with and open minded personality makes Hunter an asset to any organization.

12/23/2010 Brian Chapman , NBC News , IT Support Analyst, Client Services

Hunter Davis is one an individual who knows how to meet deadlines and work with his team to get whatever needs to be completed done. Hes one of the most task dedicated and detail oriented people that Ive ever met.

5/6/2010 Ha Duong , SCALABLE Network Technologies , Principal Software Engineer

Hunter is a very talented software engineer I have enjoyed to work with. I have always turned to him if I have questions about programming and OS systems. He is a nice person that can be easy to fit to senior engineering position in IT company.

4/7/2010 Jeff Weaver , Scalable Network Technologies , Vice President of Engineering

Hunter is the brightest engineer Ive met in the years since I worked in Silicon Valley. He is a natural engineer -- a rare quality -- quick to pick up complex concepts and able to implement them easily. A pleasure to work with.

3/29/2010 Jigar Shah , Valtix , Senior Director of Product Management

Hunters that unique engineer who is really good on the technical side and also can work well with the business/management side. He has become the go-to guy for solving some of our most vexing technical issues.

3/28/2010 Vivek Srivastava , Workday , Manager Product Management

Hunter is an open-source guru at SNT. He is an individual contributor across all SNT products and is a true engineer when it comes to solving problems. I recommend Hunter for his exceptional problem-solving skills and his knack for open-source projects. He is also a very good team player with excellent communication capabilities.

3/16/2010 Unghee Lee , Scalable Network Technologies Inc , Chief Software Engineer

Hunter is extremely talented in programming, designing, and communications. His potential at works includes, but not limited to, responsibility, timely manners, and most of all team play. He is entitled to be recommended as an excellent coworker as well as a reliable consultant.

3/9/2010 Feng (Amy) Chen , Morgan Stanley , VP Analytics Developer

Hunter is a very intelligient co-worker who has very good knowledge in computer science field but also has the ability to organize and lead group. He played very important role in kernel team in scalable networks. With his easy-going personality, he is welcomed by everyone in the company. I would highly recommend him for any positions in the field of computer programing field.

3/5/2010 Sheetal Doshi , NortonLifeLock , Technical Director

Hunter has been working with me on a high profile project, and its been great having him on the team. He has the ability to grasp complex concepts very quickly and rapidly come up with working prototypes of these ideas. An excellent team player, he is a good leader in the making.

3/4/2010 Corey Worrell , Western Digital , Principal Engineer (Web Development/Data Analytics)

Whoever said "Those who can, do, and those who cant, teach" never met Hunter. Hunter is both a very skilled and talented computer scientist, as well as a great mentor. Every time Ive ever come to Hunter with a question or problem, he never hesitated to help me out no matter how busy he was (and he was very frequently busy, because I was hardly the only person at Scalable Network Technologies who recognized his competence). I dont think I could possibly recommend anyone more strongly than I recommend Hunter, and I have no doubt that he could do any job in the computer science industry without missing a step.

3/4/2010 Kaixin Xu , Cisco , Software Development Manager

Hunter is a brilliant engineer. I worked with him for several projects. He was a problem solver and always have excellent ideas. For most of the projects, he was able to finish with much shorter time than expected. He also has solid knowledge in both Linux and Windows systems. He is easy to collaborate with. I enjoyed working with him.

3/4/2010 Moiz Alam , Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Solutions Architect

Hunter is an excellent computer scientist who is an expert in a wide variety of areas, including HPC, system architecture, and algorithmic development. Furthermore, he is a great mentor to me at my current company, and is actively involved in idea creation and improving the companys bottom line. He is passionate in all of his endeavors, as evidenced by his website, and his work has been showcased on websites such as hack-a-day and endgadget. I recommend him for any high-power computer science work in general.

6/29/2009 Kevin Emmons , Interactive Intelligence , Software Engineer

Hunter is well-versed in a broad scope of computer science tasks and was a pleasure to work alongside.

6/22/2009 Jesse Liesch , Google , Software Engineer

Hunter is knowledgeable, creative and talented. I highly recommend him for any task.

2/12/2009 Samantha Foley , University of Wisconsin-La Crosse , Assistant Professor

Hunter is a great teacher. He is able to explain simple and complex concepts to students at various levels with ease. He commands authority in the classroom while remaining open and relaxed with the students. I could always rely on him to do his parts of the teaching, and support and respect me when I taught.

2/8/2009 Larisse Voufo , Google , Software Engineer

Hunter is the greatest person to work and have fun with. If you ever need a friend in down times, he is the one to call -- both professionally or socially. I remember going through a depressing period once, and he took me on a bike ride! It was the coolest thing ever, an Ill never forget that day!