TI-99/4A Tis Fun/4All

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The other day I was south of Seattle perusing some lesser known thrift stores. Just your typical Saturday morning, when I spy a very cool thing: A TI-99/4A retail box.

My (486) Gaming Laptop

When it comes to modern retro gaming, there’s a whole world of emulation options out there. Dosbox runs on anything, and even your phone is powerful enough to emulate modern consoles. Still, for some of us that’s not enough. There’s something magical about playing on original hardware.

Your First Day as an Engineering Manager

Hey Folks,

Boom Box Build Version 1

Dissatisfied with the current stand of the boom box world, I set about to see if I could do better on my own. The end result is a boombox so loud, so RUDE, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before, and it wasn’t particularly difficult.

Chromecast your LPs With a Little Help From WebAudio

As it usually does, this all started in the thrift store. I was perusing the usual DVD racks and furniture when something caught my eye. It was an ion USB turntable, the kind with no speakers. These types of cheap turntables clutter the electronics sections of most thrift stores, as the replacement needle is generally more valuable than the turntable itself. Nevertheless I decided to take a look.

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