Surface RT Equalizer Visualizer

The Surface (non-pro) was an interesting device. Running windows RT 8.1 and sporting a 720p display, from the outside this was a half-decent productivity tablet. It came with a fully usable version of Microsoft office, could share peripherals with the (far superior) surface pro, and was priced to sell. Sadly, the locked-down operating system meant the software landscape was barren, the hacking scene was anemic, and the technology quickly became outdated.

Game Boy "Classic"

There’s a pretty well known rule around my house: “If I buy one TV, I need to get rid of two.” I know the math of this doesn’t seem to work out in theory, but in practice it does. Between giveaways from friends and what I find myself, there’s always a steady stream of television related projects coming through.

I Think I'm Against App Stores Now

TLDR; I’m allowing all but two of my android apps to sunset off of the app store in the beginning of the year. You’ll still be able to download them all and their source code from GitHub.

TI-99/4A Tis Fun/4All

Tagged: emulation programming vintage-computers

The other day I was south of Seattle perusing some lesser known thrift stores. Just your typical Saturday morning, when I spy a very cool thing: A TI-99/4A retail box.

My (486) Gaming Laptop

When it comes to modern retro gaming, there’s a whole world of emulation options out there. Dosbox runs on anything, and even your phone is powerful enough to emulate modern consoles. Still, for some of us that’s not enough. There’s something magical about playing on original hardware.

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