GTA IV: The Dating Simulator Gotham Needed

Niko Bellic. The titular character in GTA IV, he’s not exactly a jovial fellow. He’s the straight-man, the angry psychopath. GTA IV tells his story, his journey. Like any good hero’s story he’s got to grow, struggle, and … go on dates? Those of you who haven’t played it might be skeptical. At first, I too was skeptical. Then I poured 40 hours into a complex love story set against the backdrop of New York. I also spent those 40 hours killing people and running away from cops, classic GTA standards. The vast majority of time however, was spent going on dates.

(Review) One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (Vita)

Yep, a Vita review. I realize this game exists on other platforms (and I own it on Steam myself), but there’s something special about the Vita version that warrants it’s own review. I’ve come to really respect my Vita, but as an android developer I say this begrudgingly: “Today, in late 2016 there still isn’t a better option for console quality gaming in your pocket than the Vita.” Hands down, especially the original with the gorgeous OLED screen. At any rate, I think the fighting game genre is perfect for the handheld experience, so I tend to play the Vita versions of fighting games. That’s what I thought One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 was. A 1:1 fighting game in the likes of Street fighter. It is not. It’s a Dynasty Warriors rip off. It’s also so packed to the brim with One Piece content that any fan will find themselves helplessly drawn into the game.

(Review) Doom (2016)

Doooooooooom! (2016) is very much a game about speed. There is no run button. You are always running, and fast. The original Doom had you moving at something like 40mph and this feels faster. At times much faster. It’s a speed that I hadn’t even realized I’d forgotten, but I had. Perhaps you had too. This game feels like Quake 3 on steroids, in the best way. You want to yell out “parkour!” as you fly across the screen, climbing up high ledges and bouncing around. The enemies too, they’re moving like little red speed devils, darting and throwing fireballs and raising hell.

Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13-3

Here I am, a full six months early with my review for Final Fantasy 13-3, wondering what the hell it is I just played. Sure, it says Final Fantasy on the box. Sure, it’s got all of the characters from the last 2 games, and even some of the mechanics. Wow though, I mean wow. What the hell did I just play?

Quit The Drip Legit

Quit The Drip Legit is a combination of two of my favorite things:

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