Popular Open Source Projects

I’ve written a number of open source projects over the years, with many more on the way. All of my Android apps and games are open source, as are the fruits of my previous start-up Discursive Labs. The more popular ones are linked-to in the navigation menu to the right.

Check out a great deal of my open source projects at my GitHub page.

3 thoughts on “Popular Open Source Projects

  1. Hello I am looking for the z2 zipit imige from Aliosa27 and i cant find it any where on the web. If someone has it archived or could send me a download link to a current page “the only ones I have found are from 2010 and are not up any more” I would be very grateful. I am trying to learn as much about linux as I can, I know its old and the z2 is out dated and I do run ubuntu 12.4 on my desktop along side windows 7. I just hate windows for limiting what you can do and look at. So if any one can help me out that would be great.

    Matthew Nett



    • Hey Matthew,

      Yep, those old images have gotten quite difficult to find. If I come across one, I’ll be sure to give you a heads up. Hopefully somebody has one sitting on an old SD card somewhere.

      Best of luck,

  2. In case anybody does have one USENET is a great free way to store larger files for a year or so… alt.binaries.emulators should do fine… if a bit off topic, it stays out of the Linux five lane highway… Also it’s really not that much of a problem in case there’s some nes roms one forgets to delete or something you know it’s strictly academic… If someone finds a two gig one, weather will be great for all of us…

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