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Hackaway 2010 Winners Announced!

Thanks again everyone for participating this go round. Using my trusty d-10’s, I rolled 6 dice per prize and took the resulting number modulo the number of contest entries. As you can only win 1 prize, I felt it would be unfair to do them in numeric order of hacks, so I randomized the mapping of dice rolls to hacks. I hope this provides some fairness to the distribution of prizes. The winners will be receiving an email request for their addresses officially very shortly…

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Hackaway 2010 Announced!

It’s been a tremendous 2010 so far, and it’s time for another Hackaway! Hackaway 2010 is about to begin. This one will be even bigger and better than Hackaway 2009, and there are some really awesome hacks coming your way. Rules and prizes and a ton of images after the jump! Here are the rules. Send an email to hunter at with the subject line “Hackaway 2010” Include in the message the numbers of the hackaway items you would be interested in

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