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I never quite got into Twitter. The value proposition just wasn’t there for me and it always seemed like a passing thing. Google+ on the other hand has already given me infinite photo storage, I can put animated gifs in my stream (oh the opportunity for last-frame gif bombs!), and I can choose exactly what messages go out to which subscribers based on circles. So I’m on Google+, and that’s where I post a good chunk of my smaller hacks and tidbits of

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Roll your own Google Cloud Print, Today, Using Your Zipit Z2 (or anything that can run python), in 5 Minutes

When I read about Google’s new strategy for cloud printing, I thought “hey that’s great!, wish I could use it before 2011!”. Thankfully, I run linux on damn near everything. As I don’t have an android (which would be a pretty ideal running platform for this…), I’ve used the Z2 as my “drop in” cloud print server. Doesn’t seem like it’ll take the manufacturing companies long to integrate this into new product lines, as it’s pretty simple. Instructions and

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