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Build Your Own Hide-A-Tablet Book

As you probably already know, I’ve got quite a thing for mobile devices. My newest favorite is the Tegra 2 powered Viewsonic G-Tablet. Load up a custom ROM and an overclocked kernel and you’ve got a dual core 1.5ghz android tablet that’ll run with the best of them. Like most of the higher end tablets though, it’s pricey and easy to recognize. This makes it a pretty choice target for thieves. Rather than lower the usability of the device and leave

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How I Saved For My Startup - Free E-book Released

Ideas are wonderful things. They can inspire us to work harder, dream harder, live harder. The ideas we have, these are free. Servers cost money. Health insurance costs money. Employees, computers, conference rooms, software licenses, these things cost money. Big time. So when you’re looking to nurture an idea into a business, these costs can seem daunting. For those not interested in (or who have no opportunity for) traditional funding methods such as angel investing and bank loans, how do you actually accumulate the funds

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rexVM - A virtualBox Appliance for Developing for The REX 6000

As most of you readers probably know, I have been terribly remiss in my postings of late. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been hacking. Oh no. Bootstrapping a startup requires hacking all over the place. During the past week alone I’ve Gotten to know my franchise tax agent on a first name basis Authored contracts, which in my opinion should be written in python Authored a research paper on novel methods for efficient bulk virtual machine storage and retrieval (stay tuned

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Finished building my first guitar

Mark brought over his copy of Make, and it turns out this last Makezine had a great article on building cigar box guitars. It sounded like a really interesting project, so we went off to the hardware store to purchase some oak timber. Many days/hours/blood stains later, the fruits of our labor emerged, tuned and ready to play. . Lots of hack potential, and an easy fix if I break something. Bonus, tablature looks fine in links browser on the Z2, though you will have

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