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Hackaway 2010 is Over! A Massive Success!

The polls have closed! Hackaway 2010 is officially over, and no entries that come in after now will be counted. The winners have already entered! I had entries from Thailand, Singapore, UK, Germany, Brazil, France, all over USA, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica. Perhaps many more as well! I’ll be rolling dice and boxing up the prizes tomorrow. The winners will be randomly chosen based on dice roll! I also want to thank all the people who sent in their personal stories of successful or fun

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Wallclock 2.0

After a power out blanked my wallclock’s memory, I was not eager to go searching through ten year old websites looking for a new terminal emulator. Luckily I found a ten year old NES emulator that loads fine! Behold wallclock 2.0, NES edition! Also be sure to peep the ancient medical tablet that is pulling duty as my new serial terminal. Fun!

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